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York Sport President - Zac Sheppard


I am a huge fan of all sports but tennis has always been my sport of choice. I’ve played for the Uni club for my 3 years at York and loved it! I’ve also taken on many different sports roles outside my club on both my college and the York Sport Committee.


Getting involved in sports and physical activity here at York! We have a huge variety of sports clubs who want to welcome you. From Give it a Go sessions, to College leagues, to BUCS Wednesdays there’s something for every level of player.


F: @YorkSportPrez

T:  @YorkSportPrez


Creating a bigger Team York atmosphere!

Putting on more fun events, raising money for charity, and bringing clubs together as we lead up to a home Roses in 2019!!


Engaging with the local community!

Working with the Council and our sports clubs to put on sessions that reach out to people in the community, especially those who may feel isolated, to engage through sports.


Expanding our college sport programme!

Including creating more exciting college sport events, training more student referees to improve the standard of officiating and ensuring there is equity in our college sport offering.



Expanding the Equal Opportunities Programme, spreading performance sport benefits to more clubs, expanding our recreational sports offer, improving our sports communications and of course winning Roses 2019!