Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Community & Wellbeing Officer - Steph (Effy) Hayle


I studied Criminology, which was so interesting, and made me feel a little like I was living in a Sherlock episode, though my uni life was very much focused on societies. I was involved with a lot of the performing societies and sat on several committees whilst at uni, including the James JCRC, where I was Vice Chair, Community and Wellbeing.


It’s my job to lobby and campaign on welfare provision within the University, local community, and nationally; work alongside York Council to build community engagement; advocate for our liberation networks; and provide signposting support so you know where to go for help.

I was elected on a platform of providing greater financial support to students from low-income or otherwise disadvantaged backgrounds, lobbying for greater physical and mental health facilities for students, and campaigning for a more accessible and inclusive University experience.


F: @YUSUWellbeing

T:  @YUSUWellbeing


Financial Support

  • Research and fight to rework the University’s student financial support services - scholarships, bursaries, and the hardship fund.

  • Aim to provide greater/ more effective access to funding for students, so we can appropriately support all those who need it.


Stress Management  

  • Fight to streamline & support Exceptional Circumstances applications

  • Extend "Keep Your Cool" into other major exam seasons


Health Care

  • Lobby to improve existing Health services in line with student interests

  • Roll out Mental Health training to student leaders and supervisors

  • Provide online support and guides for transitioning students.

  • Dental health - this is the biggest reason for student 111 calls in recent years. Lobby the council to improve the availability of dental services across York, and promote the available services to students.