Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Student Activities Officer - Finn Judge


I grew up in South East London before moving to York to study Politics in September 2015. Being Nouse’s Deputy Editor (and then Editor) was the highlight of my time here, giving me friends for life and the passion for student causes that inspired me to become your Student Activities Officer.


My job is to look after the fun extracurricular stuff outside of your degree. That’s everything from our 200+ societies, media and volunteering groups, to big campus bungee jumps for ‘RAG’ (Raising And Giving). York has the most societies per student in the country, so if there’s anything you want to try out, we’ve probably got it on offer!


F: @yusuactivities

T:  @yusuactivities


Widening participation within student activities, through better pastoral and financial support

Students’ cost of living is increasing exponentially. Added to this, not every activity on campus is accessible to all. I will engage with disadvantaged students, working collaboratively to understand barriers  and address the underlying issues.


Helping more student groups  put on RAG events, encouraging competition and recognising achievers

YUSU has a medium-to-large sized RAG, raising over £120,000 in 2016/17. However, more can be done to empower student groups to get fundraising on their own accord. Using a points-based rewards scheme and regular awards, the groups that go the extra mile will be publicised and supported to raise as much money as possible.


Creating stronger links with the local community, promoting the good things that students get up to

Students can be misrepresented by other residents as being noisy, antisocial and ungiving. In York, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is up to YUSU to prove to local residents that students contribute meaningfully to the community, so that better decisions concerning you get made.


Other Priorities

  • Promoting student-led entertainment is a must. There are so many great things that happen on campus, from open mic nights to sport fixtures and plays. Ideally, I’d like to see this packaged into a full campus nightlife experience!

  • Upholding free speech and debate by minimising barriers to getting speakers on campus. The Office for Students is leading on this nationally, but it’s up to us to ensure that regulation and aggression doesn’t get in the way of conversation at York.

  • Getting storage and performance space to the top of the University’s agenda. Students keep coming but the buildings aren’t keeping up; we desperately need fit-for-purpose space so that you can express yourself freely and creatively.