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Volunteering Officers

Chris Oldnall & Morgan Steigmann

Who are we?

'SteigNall' was founded as all the best things are - over a bowl of Courtyard Nachos! We spent our first year getting involved in as many committees and societies as we could which included, for us both, volunteering. Experiencing first-hand the benefits of volunteering, both to ourselves and the causes we were helping, meant running for Volunteering Officers seemed like the natural next step. Our first year had equipped us with ideas and aspirations for volunteering at York which we turned into achievable manifesto pledges. Taking on the role as pair means we are constantly able to critique, discuss and improve upon our ideas - we're really excited to see what the upcoming terms bring.

What's our network like?

As Volunteering Officers we don't have a network, but instead hold regular meetings with our Volunteering Committee. It is a wonderful group of students from all years and faculties each responsible for a different aspect of volunteering at York, helping to provide the most fulfilling and impactful opportunities both internally and externally to the university. Whilst relatively newly appointed, we've already had the committee represented in meetings, Family Network activities and events across the university.

We oversee all 16 student led volunteering projects and also host our own one-off volunteering events. There are so many different ways to get involved- whether you volunteer regularly or just want to have a go!

What are we working on?

  • Promotion of work with local charities - encouraging York students to engage and build greater links with the community
  • Development of college charity systems - a wider more independent decision on each colleges' approach to selecting charities
  • Freshers' Week integration - short-term volunteering options as alternative events in Freshers' week
  • Education - recognise the value of younger education and our wonderful careers department

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