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BAME Officers








The BAME Students' Officers represent the views of students’ at York who self define as BAME, which is including but not limited to students with African, Asian, Arab and Latin American heritages. They campaign within the Union, University and in wider society; promoting equality for BAME students.

Nayomi Karthigesu & Hannah Joseph-Asikhia

  • Awareness: Get Learnt - We want all students to know that the BAME network and officers exist to support all students that identify as BAME.
  • Activism: Get political - We want to get students more involved in issues on and off campus.
  • Academic: Get more colour in my curriculum - We want to push for more BAME lecturers and BAME related topics in course curriculums as well as for the public via open lectures.
  • Help: Get Help - If you experience discrimination or lack of representation we want you to know that we're here to help you out.