Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Policy Review Group

The PRG is a group of five students responsible for POLICY at YUSU. It is the PRG’s job to:

  1. Collate your ideas

  2. Work with you and YUSU staff to develop those ideas

  3. Facilitate consultations with students on ideas for political change

  4. Objectively analyse consultations with students and decide whether ideas have gained support or not, or whether a referendum is required.


Meet the PRG

The PRG is comprised of the Policy Coordinator - who is elected during the annual YUSU elections - and four other appointed students:

  • Josh Mackenzie (Policy Coordinator)
  • Andreea-Daniela Andras 
  • Conrad Whitcroft White 
  • Kelly Balmer 
  • Zaki Kaf Al-Ghazal 

Policy documents

Including reports, minutes and consultation packs.