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Consultation for the Summer Term Policy Cycle is Open!

At YUSU anyone can submit ideas for how to improve life for students in their Union, the University or City of York. Ideas can be big or small and many which don’t need to become formal Union policy can be ‘actioned’ immediately. A group of students called the Policy Review Group (PRG) met on Tuesday 07.05.19 and actioned some of the ideas to the right staff and Officers to begin developing them. You can read the notes from that meeting here.

For some bigger or more broad ideas, we need feedback from the student body before a decision can be made, which is why we’re asking students what they think of them. PRG will look through the feedback students give and try to determine whether the feedback is substantial and representative enough and whether there is enough support for an idea to become Union policy.

If, in the view of the PRG, there is positive consensus on an idea it will become active Union policy for three years. If there is consensus against an idea, it will not. If student feedback is evenly mixed for and against an idea, PRG may decide to put it to a campus-wide referendum.

Consultation closes on the 27th of May (Week 7). The PRG will meet to discuss the results on the 28th May, 3pm-5pm in ATB/037 Seminar Room, Alcuin Seebohm Rowntree Building. The meeting is open and all are welcome to attend.

Read students’ proposed ideas here.

Give your feedback on their ideas here.

Submit An Idea

There are many ways you can transform your University, YUSU, or the community you live in. If you have an idea and want to spark a conversation, tell us it here.

Making change happen requires collaboration and common goals. So once you’ve submitted your idea, you will be invited to discuss how we can work together to turn your idea into action.

From simple suggestions to political campaigns, we welcome all ideas for change, big or small. Some things can be worked on straight away - e.g. getting menus translated in YUSU venues, whilst others require consultation with students - e.g. YUSU creating a new representative position.

Ideas for political, transformative and long-term change, could potentially become YUSU Policy.

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The Policy Review Group (PRG)

Past Referenda Results

'Public Vote on Brexit' Referendum

The results for the referendum were as follows: 

Yes: 768

No: 413

Abstain: 55

NSS Boycott 

The results for the referendum were as follows: 

Yes: 379

No: 568

Abstain: 11

Incorporation Referendum – changing YUSU’s legal status

The results for the referendum are as follows:

Yes: 1066

No: 150

Abstain: 76

Working Class and Social Mobility Officer Referendum

Yes: 495

No: 472

Abstain: 23