York Sport President

Laura Carruthers 

As Sports President, I look after all things sport and fitness at UoY! I look after, and am ultimately responsible for all the different levels of sport at York: elite, club level, college sport, and participation initiatives. In particular, I liaise with our club presidents, captains and York Sport (our facility providers) to make sure everything runs smoothly. The best part of sport here is that you can get involved at whatever level best suits you; whether you just want to be fitter and more active, or you want to compete for Team GB!

There’s something here for everyone, and it’s my job to organise it.

Laura Carruthers

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Hey there! I’m Laura, I’m 21 and I’ve just graduated with a degree in History and Politics. I grew up in London and I attended Putney High School where I did A Levels in English, History and Politics.

During my time at York, I was heavily involved in sport, both as an athlete and as an organiser. At college level, I dabbled in various different college sports in my first year and became Sports Rep for James College. At club level, I captained the Women’s 1st Lacrosse Team to victory at National Championships in my 2nd year, and in 3rd year I helped organise ‘Roses’, our massive varsity against Lancaster, as Tournament Secretary on the York Sport Committee.

I decided to run for York Sport President in the Elections in 2017 because I truly love the sporting environment here at York, and I want everybody to benefit from these opportunities like I have.

If it wasn’t for sport, my university life would have been totally different and I wouldn’t have found my best friends! During campaign week I was ‘Loz4Sport’ and I began my term in office in July 2017. I pride myself on being smiley and welcoming, nicknamed as ‘Vice-President Funs’ with Mikey the Activities Officer, so come say hey!

My priorities for the year are

  • Change the kit provider
  • Promote the positive links between mental health and sport
  • Expand College Varsity with Durham to a 2 day event
  • Establish termly, rather than monthly, gym memberships