Alex Urquhart

As President, I act as the key link to the University's Vice-Chancellor and executive management, as well as the NUS and other key stakeholders. I also oversee all major campaigns run by the union, coordinate the sabbatical (elected officer) team and focus on completing my manifesto pledges.


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Laura Carruthers

As Sports President, I look after all things sport and fitness at UoY! I look after, and am ultimately responsible for all the different levels of sport at York: elite, club level, college sport, and participation initiatives. In particular, I liaise with our club presidents, captains and York Sport (our facility providers) to make sure everything runs smoothly. The best part of sport here is that you can get involved at whatever level best suits you; whether you just want to be fitter and more active, or you want to compete for Team GB! There’s something here for everyone, and it’s my job to organise it.


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Community & Wellbeing Officer

Mia Shantana Chaudhuri - Julyan

As UoY’s Community and Wellbeing Officer, my job is to identify and proactively tackle community and wellbeing issues affecting students in two ways. Firstly, by bringing my manifesto projects to life. Secondly, by engaging as many students as possible and representing that voice to the university whether that’s on mental health, support services, college life etc.


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Student Activities Officer

Mikey Collinson

As Student Activities Officer, it’s my job to look after all the fun stuff you can do outside of your university course. At York, there are so many amazing opportunities to follow your interests and get involved - whether that’s through societies, volunteering projects, RAG (Raising and Giving) or media groups. There’s something for everyone, and I support these student groups to be the best they can be so that you can make the most of your time here.


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Academic Officer

Julian Porch

As Academic Officer, it’s my job to represent all students in everything academic. Broadly speaking, this involves students’ learning, teaching, assessment and feedback. This largely involves facilitating a dialogue between students, student academic reps and the University at all levels, from informal meet-ups between students and their departments, right up to high level University governance. What does this dialogue result in? The changes you want made to your academic experience.


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