Community & Wellbeing Officer

Mia Shantana Chaudhuri - Julyan

As UoY’s Community and Wellbeing Officer I’m one of five “sabbs” (full-time elected team of five of us who stay in office for a year, along with a team of nine further part-time elected  officers). My job is to identify and proactively tackle community and wellbeing issues affecting students in two ways. Firstly, by bringing my manifesto projects to life. Secondly, by engaging as many students as possible and representing that voice to the university whether that’s on mental health, support services, college life etc.

Mia Shantana Chaudhuri - Julyan

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Hey, I’m Mia, I’m 21 and I’ve recently graduated in English and Related Literature. So you can get to know me a bit better - I’m half Bengali, quarter Irish and a quarter English, and I’m from North London. I was really into languages at school so I studied English, French, Latin (plus a rogue Biology AS) in sixth form. I also love to sing and I’ve been lucky enough to perform in a really diverse group of other music lovers in my community including with Jamie Cullum at the BBC Proms, the 2012 Olympics and with M.I.A.  

York was my second choice uni (I was meant to go to UCL) but when I landed in Vanbrugh I threw myself into trying new things and ended up competing nationally in the hip hop squad of York Hornets in my first year. Like many young people, I did struggle at uni sometimes and that later fuelled my passion to do something positive and solution-based, a way of helping other students as best I could. So in my second year I ran to be the Part-Time Women’s Officer at YUSU in a pair. We put on York’s first ever consent talks rolled out to every fresher as well as canvassing for an online reporting system amongst other projects.

Following that, my continued passion to work towards making every student’s time here happy and successful in a community united in our diversity is what drove me to run for election as a full-time officer. I absolutely loved getting much more involved in the community here as a student representative - it made my uni experience really special and I’d highly recommend getting into as much as possible during your time here whatever that is.

This year I’ve got big plans which I’m really keen to get lots of student consultation on.  I want to ensure that every student feels that they can come and chat to me if they’ve got something they want to change at the uni or union, an idea I can help to make happen or any questions about anything at all. I want to hear what you think about community and wellbeing at York so please don’t hesitate to email me, message, call or even just drop into the YUSU office - I really want to get to know you and hear your input, my door is always open!


My Manifesto (PDF)


Progress on policies:

  • Community Reps – Begun work on drawing up what the role entails, looking into funding so the positions can be paid and contacting Councillors & other stakeholders to build interest from the community. Looking to launch & recruit early into the autumn term.

  • Revamping Libwelf – Constructed a LibWelf feedback & thoughts form for current members to fill in. Circulated and building feedback so as to revamp the group.

  • Supporting student-run services – Worked with the Development and Alumni Relations Office to promote the Class of 2016 appeal to fund-raise for Nightline.

  • How to be an Activist Week – In talks with officers & staff to have a weeks worth of sessions on activism, liberation, empowerment and leadership. Very much in the preliminary stages but all very exciting!


Extra Work Outside of the Manifesto

  • Consent work – In the preliminary stages of a campaign surrounding consent. Supporting the Women's Officers with their consent talks.

  • Leave of Absence work – Continuing on with the work Scott Dawson & Maddie Boden did with LoA research.

  • Resident Arrival, Occupancy and Departure Group – Developed the guide & regulations for on campus accommodation cleaning services. Clarified the roles of the residents, the cleaners, the do's and don't's, the red and green notices and charge & fee process so students aren't unfairly charged.

  • Head STYC Training – Organising speakers & sessions for the second round of Head STYC training in September.



I sit on a number of committees including:

  • YUSU Liberation and Welfare Network

  • Officer Group Meeting (Full & Part Time Officers, minutes available here)

  • Student Life Committee

  • York Ward Councils

  • Unity Health Patient Participation Group

  • Welcoming City Task Group (York Council)