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Stuart Maule YUSU should lobby the University to apply for Living Wage Employer status 18/05/2018
Stuart Maule YUSU should also conduct a research project into a ‘Student Living Wage’ in conjunction with an independent research body 18/05/2018
Palestinian Solidarity Society YUSU should boycott goods produced in illegally built Israeli Settlements (brought to a corporate conclusion 18/05/2018
Scott Dawson The name of YUSU’s ‘Welfare & Community Officer’ should be changed to ‘Community & Wellbeing Officer’ 02/11/2018
Ben Leatham YUSU should implement the proposed changes to the Bye-Laws 02/11/2018
Environment and Ethics Officers YUSU should implement the 5p plastic bag charge at its retail outlets 14/01/2019
Lucas North & the Trans* Committee YUSU should provide Gender Neutral Toilets, and lobby the University to do the same 17/05/2019
Richard Crawshaw & Johannes Huber YUSU should make the following changes to Bye-Laws 9 and 11 to ensure Union Documents are available online. 17/05/2019
Richard Crawshaw & Johannes Huber YUSU should make the following change to By-Law 4 to ensure a handover of PRG materials 17/05/2019
  YUSU Should Remain Affiliated With the NUS end of the 2018/19 Academic Year
  Referendum on YUSU Incorporation  
University of York Women's Rugby Club YUSU’s policy and actions on domestic abuse 04/05/2020
Lucas North Networks should select their own delegates for NUS Conferences 09/06/2020
Catherine Yarrow Reserving spaces for students in delegations to NUS National Conferences 09/06/2020
Michaela Tharby Creation of a ‘Working Class & Social Mobility Officer’  


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