What have your Academic Reps been up to?

Have you or your Course Rep had a win recently? Tell us and we will help spread the word!


Astrid - Second Year
English Course Rep
Already on with her manifesto, Astrid has organised a lecture in Week 8 to help second years with writing essays.

Aaron Bhalla &
the Law School Reps
Thanks to the continuing efforts to the Law Reps, all lectures and plenaries are now recorded.

Rachel Lovitt &
the Economics Reps
The first steps towards an equal balance or exams and coursework have been taken as second years now have a summative essay.

Olivia Jennings &
the Philosophy Reps
100 printer credits have been given to all second year students who want to print out their readings and lecture notes.

Olivia Firth &
the Management Reps
Due to a request by Reps, first year Management students will now have a Library Introduction class by the end of November.