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Skills Hub

‘Everyone is getting a degree, but what makes you stand out are the activities you participate in, which are all provided by YUSU.’

  • A student who completed The Big Student Survey, 2018.

Here at YUSU we aim to make sure that the opportunities we offer our students benefit their personal and professional development, and support them to become more employable. Our ‘YUSU Develops’ offer encompasses a broad range of training and self-reflection opportunities for students to enhance their skills and recognise how to articulate their strengths to future employers.

Through our range of activities, part-time jobs and volunteering opportunities, students can gain invaluable skills ranging from leadership and financial management to fundraising and graphic design. YUSU also provides a range of additional training that students can engage with to make sure that they are making the most out their time at York.

Gain skills and experience

YUSU offers a broad range of opportunities for students to get involved in. Some students get involved because they are passionate about the activity, and others do it to meet new people. We also know that students sometimes look for extracurricular activities that will improve their employability. Below are just a couple of examples of what you can get involved in here at YUSU:

If you are interested in developing leadership and management skills, why not look at joining one of our societies. All our societies have committee positions which range from Chairs, Treasurers and Secretaries to Events Officers and Media Officers.

If you are interested in enhancing your ability to work with groups of people and better understand the needs of the wider community, we have a range of volunteering projects that you can get involved with;

If you want to develop your understanding of technology and digital communications, YUSU has 10 media groups that you may want to get involved with;

If you want the opportunity to develop your representation and negotiation abilities, have a look at getting involved in our vibrant and active academic representation network.


We also offer a number of training opportunities for students. Please see below for the list of training opportunities that are taking place this term for our students:

Training for Autumn Term 2018 to be announced shortly
Health and Safety Training - upon request

Currently we are able to facilitate a variety of First Aid and Safety related courses. Dates are arranged on request and trainer availability. If you are interested in any of the listed courses please contact

First Aid

1 Day Emergency First Aid
3 day First aid at work
Pediatric First aid
Basic Life Support Skills
Safety Courses

Ladder Training

PAT Tester Training
Chemical Safety Training
If there are any other courses that are not listed but you feel would be worthwhile we can explore the options of delivering them.

Online Training

There are a number of training modules that students can complete online. Please follow the links below to complete any training sessions that you are required to for your committee role, or simply if any have piqued your interest:

Safeguarding Children (coming soon)

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (coming soon)

Signposting and Support Services (coming soon)