Womens' Officers

Catherine Yarrow 

Women's Network is a group designed to represent and advocate for all women and non-binary students on campus, through positive, solution-based discussion and action. At our meetings we invite those students to talk about the issues affecting them and how best we can tackle them. We operate as a supportive, open-minded, beginner-friendly community based on the values of equality and respect.

Our meetings are safe spaces for people to speak honestly and openly. We want to tackle women’s and feminist issues head on with real actions via YUSU. We have a supportive and friendly relationship with the feminism society, while recognising that mainstream feminism is too-often exclusionary of women of colour, trans, and disabled women. We hold weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 6.00 pm during term time. This is your opportunity to shape and contribute to women’s rights at UoY, as well as getting involved in our socials, fundraisers and events. We always love having new members whether you’re a total beginner to women’s rights activism or have had a lot of experience - we want to hear your input and ideas.   Our vision is of a positive, open-minded, solution-based community that fights  for a campus that is unified in our diversity.

Our Manifesto (PDF)




Get Involved

Stay up to date by liking our page on Facebook as this is our only social media outlet, where you can find our latest updates, information on our projects and ways you can get involved!


Thursdays at 18:30 til 19:30 - find location details via our Facebook page


Current Campaigns:

  • Consent Campaign: Freshers' Week 2016 saw us run York's first ever Consent Talk as part of the college fire safety talks!

  • Ladies Day: a day of celebrating gender inclusivity in sport filled with activities, panel discussions and ending with a picnic.

  • Trans* Swimming Sessions: holding swimming sessions at a local pool to encourage participation and comfort in an activity bringing its own set of barriers to trans* people. Also working to supply trans*-friendly swimwear in a campus outlet.


Useful Links:

  • Please see the YUSU website for a full list of places and people you can contact for well-being assistance However we would firstly advise any student needing confidential advice and support to contact the YUSU Advice and Support Centre, where you can book an appointment with an advisor who will take your case on and give you all the guidance and support that you need.

  • The Nightline Information Hub is where you can find useful information on points of call regarding sexual or mental health

  • Bridgehouse are a fantastic sexual assault referral centre in York, for victims of all sexes and genders. They can offer you all the support you need and can collect medical evidence of your assault or rape and store it if you do not immediately wish to contact the police.

  • Survive offer victims support and advice. For students who are concerned about finding support both at home and at university, you can find a list of support in different areas round the country here.