Volunteering Officers

Alice Driver and Jasmine Pledger

The Volunteering Officer’s work alongside and oversee the 16 Student led volunteering projects as well as hosting their own volunteering events. There are opportunities to get involved on a long term basis or as one-off event. One of our manifesto points as seen below is to introduce Make a Difference (MAD) Days, which will give student who are too busy or cannot commit on a long term basis an opportunity to volunteer.

We believe volunteering not only is a great addition to add to your CV, but it also brings a great sense of satisfaction as you are able to give something back to the community.

Please like the Volunteering Page on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest volunteering opportunities, and feel free to contact us with queries. You can e-mail volunteering@yusu.org to be added to our mailing list!

Our Manifesto (PDF)

Current Campaigns - Our MAD Days are one of our biggest plans this year, to create a variety of one off opportunities on a consistent basis for people who cannot commit a lot of time. Our other aims are to create a volunteering community throughout the university and to celebrate volunteering.

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Get Involved


Our committee meets every 2 weeks to discuss all things volunteering! We also meet with the Activities Officer and Anu the Student Opportunities Coordinator for Volunteering every 2 weeks. If there is anything you want mentioned in these meetings please contact us.


Current Campaigns

Our aim is to have more one-off events for people who cannot commit a lot of time. We also want to improve relations with careers and college volunteering reps.