Mature Students' Officers

Megan Jones & Neomi Marsolo

The Mature Students’ Network (commonly referred to the MSA) is a support network and community at the University of York. Our goal is to represent mature students’ interests and improve their lives at university.

Mature students often have a different set of issues to deal with – greater family and financial commitments, worries about fitting in with younger students, or just getting used to studying again. The MSA can support you and bring you together with hundreds of other students who feel the same way. Please contact us to join!

Our Manifesto (PDF)





  • A community – joining the MSA means becoming part of a diverse group of students

  • Socials – we arrange regular nights out, meals and other one-off events, like games night or Illuminating York

  • Support – there’s a coffee afternoon every Wednesday – come along for a chat or to talk through a problem, or contact us [link] separately if you prefer

  • Representation – we represent mature students’ interests in YUSU and to university staff


Useful Links

Here are some links you may find useful if you're thinking of becoming a mature student at York (or if you are one already).

University of York webpages:


Other useful websites: