LGBTQ Officer

Henry Fairington 

The LGBTQ network is how LGBTQ students are represented in YUSU. We try to make the uni a better place with weekly meetings to plan campaigns, events, and to feed back about LGBTQ life. On top of this, we run discussions, chills, and get involved with events like York Pride and to have a chance get to know each other and learn about a range of issues.

My Manifesto (PDF)


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Get Involved


Wednesdays at 6.30pm - find location details via our Facebook page


Current Campaigns

A few examples of ongoing work are:

  • Transgender Awareness Week &...

  • Asexual Awareness Week are established as yearly events, with lots going on!

  • Poster campaigns such as Think Before You Speak can be seen around the colleges, tackling LGBTQphobic microaggression

  • We raise money for HIV & AIDs research on World AIDS day, and for Action for Trans Health, a charity that the network is affiliated with

Meet The Committee

Our committee includes the LGBTQ officer, college reps and conveners. All of the undergraduate colleges have an LGBTQ representative position. The lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, aromantic and asexual conveners on our committee run sub groups for their letter of the acronym, and represent that identity within the network. We also have conveners for womens’, BAME (black, asian, minority and ethnic) & international, and disabilities.

To get in touch, email Henry confidentially at to chat to them or find out the preferred method of contact of anyone on committee.


Committee sections:



Lesbian is a term that is used to describe a woman who has an romantic and/or sexual orientation towards women (here at the network we know that woman can be a broad term and we're inclusive to non binary people who use "lesbian" or "gay"!). 



The gay conveners represent men who are romantically and/or sexually attracted to men (here at the network we know that man can be a broad term and we're inclusive to non binary people who use "gay" too!). 



Bi is an umbrella term covering orientations such as bisexuality, biromanticism, and pansexuality, where people are romantically and/or sexually attracted to more than one gender. The bi sub group are well known for their nachos socials! 



Trans is a term usually describing someone whose gender is not wholly and consistently the gender they were assigned at birth. The Trans* Network is one of the most active sub groups, running several campaigns, socials and a free clothes swap for people to try out new things! 


*trans is an umbrella term covering genders such as transgender men, transgender women, non binary, genderqueer and genderless/agender.



Queer is a word widely reclaimed by the community and used by us to represent the our members who don't feel they fit into L, G, B, T, or A or don't wish to be labelled as any in particular. The queer conveners represent the spectrums and sometimes fluidity of romanticism and sexuality. 


Asexual & Aromantic



BAME & International

As an international student and co-convenor my role is to strengthen the links between liberation networks and ensure that LGBTQ network has an inclusive transnational perspective that is aware of the intersections between gender, race and sexuality & critically works for the benefit of those most marginalised in our communities. For more information and contact, please email




LGBT Social

If you like us, you might also be interested in the LGBTQ Social Society, a separate group which runs everything from nights out in York and cities to poetry slams and pyjama parties. You can email them at or join their Facebook group.