International Students' Officer


The International Students’ Association’s primary goal is to represent the interests of international students here at the University of York.  Through promoting cultural exchange, addressing welfare issues and fostering a welcoming community. We currently represent ~ 4,000 students and host coffee afternoons every Wednesday, along with some of the biggest events of the year, including a Winter Ball and Global Week.

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ISA Handbook

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Our meetings are every Wednesday 5-6pm
We hold regular coffee afternoons in YourSpace, come join us every Wednesday at 3pm


Meet The Committee

Co-President - Josephine Mackenbach (cjm579)

Treasurer - Denise Goh (stdg500)

Secretary - Samuel Li (jl1901)

Head Events Officer - Dalma Csabrak (dc1059)

Creative Officer - AJ Par (ajp550)

Events Officer - Yingxiang Maggie Zhou (yz2152), Shen Qian (qs627)

Social Secretary - Simon Baron (sb1518)

ISA Liaison - Aliyyah Salim (nabs501)

Sponsorship Officer - Melinda Bjolseth (mhb518)

Welfare Officer - Lucia Rubio Robustillo (lrr516)

General Officer - Jessica Jackson (jaj516), Nicola Choon (nadc500), Ridhwan Rosli (arr517)