The Policy Process

What is policy?

Policy is the way in which you can change the union, the University or the world.
Big or small, if you have an idea and what YUSU to do something about it, the policy process is the way to do it.

Policy has been submitted on a whole range of subjects. These include:

  • YUSU’s approach to tackling sexual violence
  • Making YUSU a living wage employer
  • YUSU and the University providing Gender Neutral Toilets


The Policy & Review Group, or PRG for short, is a body of 5 students responsible for reviewing and reporting on the policy process within YUSU. It ensures that students have the ability to submit Ideas and that policy is generated both transparently, accountably and fairly.

The group is headed by the Policy Coordinator, who is voted into the role during the annual YUSU Elections. The remaining members are chosen by a panel made up of representatives from the Liberation Networks.

They work with YUSU’s Democracy & Campaigns Coordinator to create Policy Briefings to ensure that consultation can be held on more divisive policy ideas and produce reports on the feedback given, and how they reached their decision.


The current PRG consists of Policy Coordinator Jack Harvey  and 4 appointed volunteers;

  • Joe Bowen, 2nd year, Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  • Henry Harrison, 3rd year, Computer Science
  • Elizabeth Nuttall, 3rd year, Politics
  • Rohin Sharma, 2nd year, Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Minutes of previous PRG meeting minutes can be found here



Policy Briefings

The PRG work with YUSU’s Democracy & Campaigns Coordinator to create briefing packs. These are designed to help inform students about the Ideas that have been put forward, and allow them to make a decision on whether or not they believe something should be policy of YUSU.

Past Briefings can be found here.

Reports & Feedback

The feedback that the PRG receive from the consultation groups is compiled and made available to the student body. It is this feedback that the PRG use to determine whether or not there has been consensus on an idea.

Past Feedback can be found here.