Student Campaign Groups

As well as our union-wide campaigns, YUSU also works to support students and student groups who want to campaign or protest on a wide range of causes. Take a look at the great Campaign Groups you can get involved in below, and be sure to get in touch with if you have an idea for a campaign or project of your own!

The Mental Health Awareness Project

We are an events’ based campaign run by individuals who are passionate about raising awareness on mental health and wellbeing. Our three main aims are: to raise awareness around mental health and mental illness, to encourage discussion around mental health on campus and on a wider scale and to help reduce the stigma around mental health and mental illness.

MHAP organises at least one event per-term including their biggest annual event "World Mental Health Day" in October. The project has won "Student Group of the Year" in 2015 and was nominated for "Campaign on the Year" in 2016 at the YUSU Love Awards.



Committee meetings take place typically once every two weeks, however they become weekly coming up to an event. Meetings for volunteers are arranged during term time.


Upcoming Events;

  • World Mental Health Day - a free event where the campaign brings mental health organisations to the University and students came come along to find out more information about the charities and support services, while they can also attend workshops and talks and enjoy tea and coffee along with small Happiness Bags. This year's event is on Monday 10 October 2016, from 10am - 4pm in James Dinning Hall. For more information please see our Facebook Page.

York Anti-Trafficking Student Group

According to recent figures by the UN, there are an estimated 45 million people in slavery across the globe today. Unfortunately, the continued existence of slavery, or human trafficking, is not widely acknowledged or understood - as a Campaign Group, YATS recognises that change starts with awareness.

We want to equip students with the ability to make an impact here and now, through education and campaigning. To do this we host two to three informational events a term, where we invite experts in the field to talk to us about the reality of the issue. We also host fortnightly meetings where we go deeper into the issue and give opportunities for discussion and action. If you're passionate about justice and want to join us in the fight for freedom then please get in touch!



Wednesday 15:00-16:00 in J/Q/002 Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10


Upcoming Events;

  • New Beginnings Music and Information Event 12th of October at 6:30 pm. Location tbc


YorChoice is an abortion and miscarriage awareness campaign. Our mission is to increase awareness of the accessibility of abortion services and the physical and mental effects of abortion and miscarriage, and also increase signposting to abortion and miscarriage support services such as Marie Stopes, BPAS, and Reflect in York.

We are also campaigning for a review of the mitigating circumstances policy to accommodate women who experience abortion or miscarriage, as these are a very unique set of circumstances that are currently ignored. We would also like to campaign for a more thorough education about abortion, miscarriage and pregnancy, as the subjects are currently treated as taboo and that's something we cannot accept.




We have casual meetings in The Courtyard every 2 weeks, although we do meet more frequently in the run up to an event.


Upcoming Events;

We're currently organising workshops with Marie Stopes, Reflect and BPAS, with the endorsement of Womens' Network and inspired by their consent talks.