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Why volunteer?

Alongside developing and improving the learning experience for students you will also gain valuable skills and experience with the responsibilities you are given, training you receive and what you learn on the job with support from YUSU and the Academic Rep team.

  • Verbal and written communication

  • Time management and organisation

  • Teamwork and negotiation

  • Research and data collection

  • Meeting etiquette and adhering to policies

  • Leadership and motivation

  • Public speaking and self-confidence

  • Problem solving and research

You’ll also be part of a dynamic peer network comprised of reps from across every University department.

How can I become an Academic Rep?


YUSU is recruiting for the following Department Reps: 

  • Social Policy and Social Work

Department Reps are an invaluable key contact for both departments and YUSU which allows you to give students an even louder voice. The main purpose of the Department Rep is to make their department better for its students.

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Voting is open now! If you can't see anything to vote for it might mean that we are still looking for nominations, get in touch to find out more.

Course Reps are the voice of the student and make change happen to improve the academic experience for students in their cohort. By gathering student opinion, Course Reps become specialists in course-based issues and help identify and tackle problems as they arise.

Find out more about the elections below or email

- A Guide to Course Rep Elections

- How to Guide for Manifestos

- Election Rules

- What Happens After?

What is it really like?

  • "When I first signed up to be a course rep, I didn't really believe that I could make a difference and I couldn't have been more wrong. Students often complained that the course didn't often enough practical skills training. So instead of accepting the situation, we reps set up a weekly practical workshop that anyone could join and arranged for experts to come in give talks." - Archaeology Course Rep

  • "Being a Course Rep can be challenging, but once you start to make changes, you realise just how much is possible and quickly become committed to improving the student experience. It is a very rewarding role, and personally, it inspired me to become Department Rep so that I could achieve even more for the students of Economics." - Economics Course Rep

  • “My experience as a rep has been fun, challenging and rewarding. I have helped improve student experiences by improving assessment feedback and getting the department to offer extra tutoring for the more difficult modules.” - Environment Department Rep

  • "Being a course rep has been my absolute favourite part of coming to uni. I’ve gotten to know so many people that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and hearing from people that you’ve made a difference to their studies is so lovely. I really can’t recommend it enough." - Electronic Engineering Course Rep

  • “It’s been eye-opening, listening to other department’s experiences, it’s amazing how different each separate area of the University is run. I think it’s vital that departments are sharing ideas and problems to gain information, ideas and advice from other reps” - Management Department Rep

  • “Being a rep has been a really rewarding experience. It’s sometimes difficult as you can’t please everyone. Learning to communicate with the cohort, explaining why and how decisions are made and assessing what is important to the cohort has improved the relationship between the cohort and reps. If what we do as reps can help even just one person in the cohort, it’s been worth the effort!” - Maths Department Rep

  • "Being Course Rep allowed me to understand how complex running University programmes is, and it gave me the opportunity to contribute directly to that process!" - PEP Course Rep

  • "It's a lot of work and can be really infuriating at times but nothing is better then when you manage to get that win and you are overcome with joy. I don't regret it one bit" - Sciences Faculty Rep