Have a voice, make an impact

It is so important that the student voice is listened to at every level so that everyone can have the best experience while at the University of York. A pretty important part of student life is studying, so it makes sense that the largest number of YUSU student reps are here to improve the learning and teaching experience.

All Academic Reps play a major role in developing a better university for students and work together to ensure that all students are equally represented. The one thing they need to be able to do their job is student feedback, without your voice they cannot represent you.

Academic Integrity Week

During Week 7, your Academic Reps are running a joint campaign with YUSU, GSA and the University to spread positive messaging about Academic Integrity. For more information see our Academic Integrity webpage.


For more info contact:
e: engagement@yusu.org
f: yusuacademicreps
t: @YUSUCourseReps






Ways to feedback

What is an Academic Rep?

Academic Reps have a huge impact on how courses, departments and faculties are run. With each year we see more and more students having their voices heard and creating positive change including:

  • Improvements to how assessments are marked and how feedback is given

  • Removal of unpopular or irrelevant modules

  • Increasing resources both in the department and the library

  • Escalating complaints about teaching environments to make tangible improvements

  • Implementation of mentoring schemes

Academic Reps raise issues on your behalf so that you remain completely anonymous and don’t have to go through a formal complaints system. Find your rep by using our Academic Rep Directory.

Course Reps

There are over 400 Course Reps across the University, representing both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Course Reps have a direct link with the students in their cohort and ensure that any queries or concerns are raised and dealt with appropriately.

If you have any queries, problems or any positive feedback relating to your course, then speak to your Course Rep! They are here to help and take any issues or ideas to department staff.

Course Reps are the voice of their cohort and help improve the academic experience for students at the University. By gathering student opinion, Course Reps become specialists in course-based issues, helping to identify and tackle problems that arise.

Department Reps

Department Reps lead the team of Course Reps and help develop and improve the learning experience for all students within a department.

Department Reps are an invaluable key contact for both departments and YUSU which allows you to give students an even louder voice. The main purpose of the Department Rep is to make their department better for its students. 

Faculty Reps

Each Faculty has an elected student rep. These undergraduate Faculty Reps sit on University-level committees such as Faculty Boards and Senate, representing all students within their Faculty. Send them feedback here.

The current undergraduate Faculty Reps are:

Matthew Worrall
Arts & Humanities 

Trying to open up VLE module content so students can access content from modules they aren't taking. Help Matthew with this by completing his 4 question survey!


Christian Stickels

Making sure students on joint honours degrees are heard too. Share your experiences with him if you are on a combined course.


Brontë Wright
Social Sciences

Working with departments to look at different assessment techniques and reconsider their practices in line with the pedagogy and employability.