University of York Students' Union (YUSU)

Love York Awards


The shortlist for the 2017 Love York Awards has been announced!


Campaign of the Year

Swimming and Water Polo Club: UYSWC v Cancer

A year-long campaign in collaboration with Target Ovarian Cancer after one of their members became seriously ill with the disease. £1,600 was raised as well as an increased awareness of the symptoms, giving life-saving advice..

Make The Warren Wheelchair Accessible

The Vanburgh Vice-Chair for Welfare campaigned, petitioned and successfully lobbied the college to improve access to their facilities.

UYWRUFC: #ItsNotOk Campaign

UYWRUFC has spearheaded a campaign against Domestic Violence on campus. The #ItsNotOk campaign video for sexual abuse awareness week made by and including members of the club made both university and local press.

Eleanor Cole: Mind Your Head

Ellie Cole is the organizer of the Mind Your Head campaign. This year the campaign organized a Mental Illness Awareness Week lecture series.

York Toilet Twinning

York Toilet Twinning (YoTT) aims to twin all 3000+ toilets in the University by raising money to build toilets in developing countries around the world.

YUSU Women's Officers 2016-17: Consent Talks

The consent talks were said to be impossible to do, yet became a real event with almost every fresher attending. It provided a pragmatic support and awareness based approach to preventing sexual violence and solidarity with survivors.


Academic Representation

Jay Edevane

Within the TFTV department Jay has made many improvements across all years and courses including a redesign of the pitching process, a reform of a module and campaigning against the NSS boycott.

Amy Rayner

As a department rep, Amy has transformed the maths department by constantly challenging and encouraging improvement. Amy is described as tireless in her determination.

Lauren Tomasello

As a course rep within the Electronics department she has fought for lecture capture to improve accessibility. Amy is also the chair of Supporting Women in Engineering, increasing diversity in STEM.

Rachael Horton

Rachael has saved the degrees of many nursing students who would have failed their clinical sections by campaigning to repeal restrictions and penalties. Her persistence and effort is highly commendable.

Katie Deyes

Katie is described as an instrumental part of YUSU referendum on the NSS boycott. She persuaded more than three-quarters of her cohort that participation was beneficial. A fearless communicator.

Andrè Casalis, and, Rafael Rossi Silveira

Together, Andrè and Rafael have improved the academic content and evaluation process of PhD taught modules in the Economics department. In addition, they’ve secured gluten free options in the department meals.

Will Gibbs

Will has developed campaigns with the Academic Officer to help boost the profile of academic reps and made it easier for students to give instant feedback. He has truly excelled as a Biology Department rep.


Contribution to Student Well-being

Aaron Bhalla

Aaron has created surveys and held open-meetings for students to give information on experience of student support so that data can be used to make a difference.

YUSU Women's Officers 2016-17
Lucy and Mia accomplished the first ever talks on Consent and Respect at York, as part of the safety briefing given to all new students. Over 90% of students chose to attend these non-compulsory talks.


The committee have supported the University of Hull and Sussex. Representatives from these universities have shadowed shifts and had extensive meetings with the committee to support them in creating similar projects.

Elliott Duke

Elliott has been a listening volunteer and training coordinator for York Nightline; NightSafe team leader, a Head STYC, Halifax wellbeing, as well as studying for his degree and being a supervisor at YUSU shop.

Ellis Byrne

Ellis has worked with the Advice and Support Team at YUSU to deliver the Food for Thought workshops to students at Goodricke College.

The Mental Health Awareness Project

MHAP's program is one of awareness - by continuing to normalise mental health issues and by decreasing the stigma, they make it far easier for students to feel okay with accessing services without shame or talking about their issues.

Emma Underwood

One of the loudest voices in challenging exclusivity in YUSU elections, a relentless advocate for mental health and a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ community.


EY Diversity & Inclusivity Award

Sponsored by Ernst & Young

Ben Thompson

Ben put a petition online that spurred the University of York Estates Dept to push through creating a wheelchair accessible ramp to access The Warren, Vanbrugh College.

Emily Pritchard

As Derwent LGBTQ+ rep, Emily has hosted warm-up events in the college before bigger, university-wide or local York events and always been present to any member, whether in the community or an ally.

Investment and Finance Society: Women in Finance

There was a gap for successful females within the finance industry and therefore the Women In Finance Network was formed to grow female participation, including organising a Women’s networking event from PwC.

Laura Parke

Laura has selflessly given up her time to help with the running of the Family Network. As a second year Law student and Mum to a two year old Laura doesn’t have a lot of free time but she has used this to benefit other students with children.

Annis Stead

In her role as LGBTQ Network Coordinator she has done an amazing job of building and maintaining an inclusive and engaged community as well as running a great selection of social, academic and campaigning events.

SWEY (Supporting Women in Engineering at York)

Merely by existing, SWEY shows female students that they are included, supported and worthy of being an engineer, and shows male students that there is a problem with the gender balance in engineering and that it should be addressed.

YUSU Liberation 2017: Liberate Roses

The Liberate Roses event provided a safe and welcoming environment for students in the liberation networks of both this university and Lancaster during the Roses 2017.

Jessie Emms

Jessie set up a new group for students with disabilities called encompass. It helps students with disabilities feel included in a range of fun activities.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Phil Daneshyar: Thirsti

Phil has continued to work tirelessly on his business Thirsti ahead of launching the product this spring. A brilliant example of what a student entrepreneur can achieve.

Kerry Douglas: Compass News

Kerry has been integral in the launch of Compass News at York. The whole ethos of Compass News regards improving our experience of journalism, aiming to provide various different perspectives on current affairs, and offering students the opportunity to formulate their own opinions.

AstroSoc: The University of York Solar System

The finished project is a permanent art installation, consisting of nine models (8 planets and a dwarf planet) spanning the entirety of campus West and East, which are not just visually beautiful but also educational and encourage engagement with the sciences.

York Vision Committee

To have organised a robust financial plan has taken a significant organisational effort, as well as a good deal of trust building and networking. This has been displayed in abundance.

Maths Society

The funding that the Mathematics Society  received  from  YuStart  and  the Kathleen Ryan fund was used to send a group of 13 students  to  the  annual Tomorrow’s Mathematicians Today conference, which was held this year at Manchester Metropolitan   University.

UoY Memes

New admins grew the Facebook page to its current total of over 11,000 likes. Many UK universities have subsequently created meme pages but York still stands as the 4th most popular


Student Giving Group

Swing Dance Society

They coordinated Strictly York Sport; a large scale event attended by several hundred people, organised from scratch within only a couple of months and involving many sports teams and societies, raising £2,500 in one night.


NightSafe has provided assistance and support to students and the wider community across four nights a week. NightSafe since the start of this academic year have helped over 1,000 students.

Teddy Bear Hospital

Teddy Bear Hospital is a student-led volunteering group that works with children aged 5-7 in local primary schools to enable them to feel more comfortable around healthcare professionals.

KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now)

This year KEEN have contributed an estimated 567 volunteer hours through their Sunday & Thursday sessions, committee meetings, training and fundraising events.

MEG (Music Education Group)

Throughout the last year the Music Education Group (MEG) has expanded the number of school workshops provided, as well as introducing three new projects which hold exciting prospects for the future.

RAG: Jailbreak Team

YUSU RAG held Jailbreak in March, raising money for Kidscan UK. Having fundraised prior to the event, 27 teams set off (81 students) with 30 hours to get as far away from York as possible without spending any of their own money.



YuFund Student Giving Individual

Roz Walton

As RAG Officer, Roz has been instrumental in the success of YUSU RAG this year. Organising a successful RAG week saw YUSU exceed its fundraising target of £1500.

Fay Wileman

Faye volunteers with the witness service, giving victims the courage to give evidence in crown court as well as CIRCLES ensuring offenders are held to account. Fay also volunteers as part of North Yorkshire’s Youth Commission.

Emily Morris

Emily designed and published a booklet for young adults whose parents are separating and was asked to become a Project Coordinator for Voices in the Middle charity.

Lottie Massey

As Fundraising officer for UYWRUFC Lottie has led initiatives to implement policy on domestic abuse at both YUSU and the university level.

Olivia Donegan

Olivia has volunteered with KEEN for the past three years, and been on the committee as outreach coordinator for the past two.

Agata Lambrechts

Agata is making a huge contribution to the local community, both on campus and in the city, bringing together students, staff and local people, to collect aid for noble causes.


Sporting Achievement of the Year

Francesca Vigilante

Francesca's skill and development over the past year has landed her a place on TeamUK's Development Squad for Quidditch. She has been an inspiration to many of York's players.

Kendo Club

The club won gold in the BUCS national competition for the Men's and Women's Open Individuals, and the Open (Main) team won a very close silver. This was the a first medal for York in any Women's division.

Basketball Mens 1sts

As the Roses opening ceremony match, they battled under pressure to create a turnaround win. The 900 arena spectators, the 3000 Greg's place viewers and the hundreds watching at home will remember this forever.

University of York College Rugby Barbarians

In the first year of the team existing proper, the “Baa Baas” have developed at an impressive rate, besting established university teams and highlighting the quality of the college rugby system.

Tennis Club

At the start of the year tennis more than doubled the sign up of recreational tennis players, taking the clubs membership to over 100 people.

Elspeth McLeod

Elspeth was part of the GB Powerlifting squad competing in the European championships, achieving an incredible 3rd place in the deadlift, as well as coming in 1st place for BUCS. In addition to this, she has been an inspiration for her club and as President has led the team to its highest ever position.


Gorkana Student Media Award

Sponsored by Gorkana

 The Lemon Press

The Lemon Press is committed to one thing: bringing smiles to people, and reminding them not to take life too seriously. Their success was acknowledge as they were nominated for two national awards, including Best Student Publication.

Tom Cadman and Lucy Mclaughlin

Tom and Lucy have successfully raised the profile of Circulation magazine, having collaborated with multiple societies and acts to establish Circulation as the premier pop culture publication on campus.

Naomi Gildert

Over the past year, Naomi’s hard work and dedication has helped to maintain high membership in URY, and also ensure that a larger percentage of the membership has a regular show. Her innovation and behind the scenes work has allowed URY to reach a new crowd of listeners through consistent quality of output.

Luke Rix-Standing

Luke has managed to maintain the high quality output from Nouse, to the extent that the vice chancellor of the university has commented that the recent editions of the paper are the best pieces of student media he has ever witnessed.

Louis Jani

Over his three years in The Lemon Press, Louis has added a new dimension to the paper. His work on graphics has been second to none.

Steve Clarke

Steven has been an incredibly big part of student media on campus and will be remembered for his continuous hard-work and effort.

Josh Salisbury

Josh has helped to rebuild Vision from the ground up. Having consistently been a leading light in the student media for three years, his leadership and journalistic skill are second to none, along with his ability to sniff out a good story.


Society of the Year

 United Nations Association York (UNA York)

Over the last year the UNA has grown exponentially as a club, winning Best Delegation at CUIMUN and SheffMUN and increasing on the number of awards received in single every conference compared to last year. Their reputation one of the best UNA societies in the country has been well earned.

Pantomime Society

PantSoc has put on three fabulous original (student written, performed and directed) pantomimes this year, one per term, all being thoroughly enjoyable. They have won plaudits for their open and friendly atmosphere and are seen as an exemplar for inclusivity.

Central Hall Musical Society (CHMS)

CHMS has accomplished 3 shows and 2 showcases, all of the highest standard, and all of this while overcoming the loss of Central Hall.

Dance Society

The society has grown enormously this year, putting on 2 showcases, winning 16 trophies at competitions around the country and holding the first inter-university competition at York. They also cleaned up at Roses, contributing to York’s tally in the dance competitions where the white rose took 81% of available points.

Maths Society

Maths Society has been transformed this year, not only assisting students academically, but also hosting its own career events featuring employers such as PWC and the Institute of Management Accountants. Regular lectures frequently attracting hundreds of attendees and knockout trips such as that to Bletchley Park and international maths conferences have made Maths Society one of York’s premier student groups.

Investment and Finance Society

The Investment & Finance Society has undergone a strong period of progress, launching numerous inclusivity initiatives and cementing their already stellar reputation for building employability.

Law Society

Law Society has has an impressive year, innovating to ensure that a range of activities are available to their students, opening up law to those who otherwise wouldn’t consider it.  


Extra Mile

Sponsored by the University of York Information Services

 Thom Shutt

Thom has balanced his roles within the ALT and within Astro soc impressively. His achievements in both have been significant, headlined of by the stunning success of the model solar system project.

Leah Wood

Leah almost single-handedly recruited and supported this year's University Challenge team, going above and beyond her prescribed role.

James Lees

James has led numerous societies, but has always gone that extra bit further to ensure success for his friends and colleagues. This is exemplified by the fact that he created GeekFest and Science Week, both of which were new and innovative events.

 Liam Penny

Liam has been the unrewarded backbone of York Labour Club, as well as an active member of G&S Society and LGBTQ network.

Jack Worrall

Jack has worked tirelessly over his time at university on multiple committees, rarely taking the spotlight or credit for his work. If there’s a campaign on campus, you can bet he’ll be working on it in someway.

Samuel Willcocks

Sam put in an incredible amount of effort before, during and after fresher’s week, in terms of the technical aspects but also being an enthusiastic and friendly presence has helped YSTV to grow to 249 members.

Lizzie George

Lizzie has been the Treks and Challenges Officer on the RAG Committee. This year, she has gone above and beyond, coordinating five international challenges and one international challenge for four charities - more than RAG has ever tried before.

Emily Morris

Emily has taken part in every volunteering opportunity available this year with York Law Society including educating Syrian refugees on their employment rights in the UK. Emily is also a content editor for EborLex the University’s Law Journal.


Best Event

York MUN 2017

With attendance of over 100 delegates, this was the biggest conference ever hosted by YorkMUN. The new Spring Lane building was innovatively used as a conference center, successfully raising the profile of UNA York and the University as a whole.

Strictly York Sport

With involvement from 9 sports clubs and 3 dance societies working together for charity, this was an event organised to the highest professional standards, raising £2,500 for Comic Relief.

CHMS Presents: Anything Goes

The performance was described as outstanding by all who attended. After losing Central Hall as their main performance space, the society reinvented and succeeded despite challenging circumstances.


This national competition was hosted by the University of York Brass Band Society with 666 students from 19 universities in Harrogate International Conference Centre. YSTV supported the event to be live streamed.

Discover ASEAN Week

A week-long event in collaboration with six other Southeast Asian Societies celebrating socio-cultural and culinary diversity. The first of its kind in any UK University, this was attended by the Indonesian ambassador, H.E. Rizal Sukma, who gave the keynote speech.


The largest outside broadcast in URY history raising £1,710 for Yorkshire Cancer Research. Students teamed up to give 101 hours of broadcast during the event, climaxing with a broadcast in a boat on the lake


With well over 100 stalls, events and shows across the weekend, Geekfest as an event has grown in a sustainable manner with over 1500 visitors.


The biggest liberation event of the year has successfully raised awareness of LGBTQ, asexuality and women’s history.


Committee of the Year

York Community Consultants

YCC has involved over 60 incredibly diverse students from across the University in 12 real-world, pro-bono consulting projects, all making an impact on the local community.

James College JCRC 2017-18

The James committee has excelled on every front, with a particular highlight the successful organisation of the very first James v. John's Varsity with York St. John's. This was a huge success, with hundreds of participants and spectators, and showcased the quality of the JCRC.

Maths Society

With a huge winter ball in partnership with PwC, Coffee and Calculus, trips to Bletchley park, Today’s Mathematicians Tomorrow and so much more, Maths Society’s committee have been truly impressive this year.

Islamic Society

Islamic Society has introduced two new international and national projects - Charity Week and the Believe and Do Good Campaign. ISOC won Best Newcomer on behalf of UoY at the North Regional Charity Week Dinner.

ISA (International Student Association)

Given the Brexit vote and the world geopolitical climate, it can feel unwelcoming to be an international student in the UK. ISA Committee have successfully represented around 4,000 international students this year making them feel welcome and at home in York.

LGBTQ Network Committee

Sexpose, LGBT History Month, LGBT sports day and more have all been successfully pursued. Jaz and the committee demonstrate how organised and focused a student committee can be.


The committee have raised over £3000 in fundraising efforts for the project and built strong links with the police through going out on shift with them and participating in a joint Bob the Burglar scheme.


Outstanding Leadership

Polina Zotova

Polina organised and ran Strictly York Sport that raised over £2,500 for Comic Relief, working exceptionally hard to bring three committees together for a single goal.

Chirag Vadhia

Chirag created the First Year Fast Track with two students to help prepare students to apply for Spring Weeks from the day they arrived at York. This has directly resulted in 15 students getting a head start on their career goals.

Jannelli Guzman

Jannelli is involved in a huge range of activities, including being a key asset to the Filipino society and role as a student tutor at the Hempland Primary School.

Nathan Costin

Managed to lead the entire lacrosse club through a very difficult time, all while also introduced two new sponsors, an Equal Opportunities Officer and an outreach programme.

Hashim Syed

Hash founded the York Consulting Conference in which he has coordinated marketing, finance, external relations and logistics.

Gaby Kendrick

Gaby had a significant impact on students in Goodricke during her time as Chair as she was extremely passionate and dedicated to her role. She achieved one of the most successful freshers week on a budget of £2,000.

Stephen Bates

Stephen has in each game provided the inspiration and motivational speeches to focus the team and has been a consistently positive presence on and off the field in the face of adversity as well as in success. A truly outstanding leader.

Mobayo Oguntunde

As Chair of Constantine College CSA, Mobayo successfully united a committee after a difficult period of turbulence. Not only this, but after the recovery she ensured that the college went from strength, with her passionate advocacy for BAME representation inspiring her students.


Outstanding Contribution to Student Life

Kaja Harton

Kaja has taken URY to new heights with her professional, calm and utterly superb leadership. Driven to the point of obsession, her dedication to the radio and the wider media has done wonders for the profile of her society.

Robin Brabham

Throughout his time at York, Robin had a leading role within not only the Stronger In campaign, but also in almost every campus campaign and referenda. It is difficult to remember a time when he wasn't central to campus politics, and has been a mentor to almost every politico on campus.

Jaz Millar

Jaz has been really excellent at outreach projects and has helped educate people about LGBTQ  issues

beyond people's basic understanding of a complex umbrella that covers hundreds of students at the uni.

Thomas Shutt

Thom has been at York since 2012 and in that time has involved himself in (and led) an enormous range of groups and projects. His contributions to societies, students’ academic experience and even the physical campus have all been extensive and will all stand testament to his legacy.

Elliott Duke

Elliott’s volunteering activity is extensive, but what puts him apart is how much he genuinely cares for people. He always puts others before himself with his work and volunteering activities, whether that’s as a STYC, Nightsafe leader or Nightline coordinator.

Roberto Avelar Vargas

From STYC to JCRC member to PTO, Roberto has been invested in making students feel welcome at York throughout his four years here.

Zac Sheppard

From day one, he made a positive impact by actively engaging in all the opportunities York has to offer, especially within Sports and James College.

Matt Ingram

Matt Ingram has accomplished more than most students do during their time at University. You can count on Matt to do a good job whatever you throw at him, and make the best of any situation.