University of York Students' Union (YUSU)

The Excellence Awards

The Excellence Awards present an opportunity for students to celebrate the work of staff across the University of York who have a positive impact on their academic experience. Entirely student led, the Awards recognise the teachers and staff that are making an outstanding contribution to students’ lives.

The full list of Award Winners and Shortlisters can be seen below, you can also see photos from the event here.

Showcasing Excellence

Following on from the success of “What is Excellence?” last year, we held Showcase Excellence, a morning symposium on Friday 8th June. The Showcase was aimed at Academic Reps, and both staff and students who have an active role (or would like to) in student voice activities. 

Sessions included examples of what academic representation looks like in different departments and how to develop innovative student voice activities. Reps talked about their success of presenting at Boards of Studies and how they have improved the way in which they engage with their cohorts. Some sessions were jointly led by Reps and staff members to showcase great examples of partnership working. Recordings of the sessions can be access via the VLE.

If you have any questions about the Showcase please email

2018 Winners

Teacher of the Year

Emma Rand, Biology — “She frequently holds open office hours to help with statistics, despite having her own work to do, and many of us biologists refer to her as the stats 'God' of the department.”

Highly Commended: Mark Egan, Management
Shortlisted: Philip Roberts, Politics and Richard Carter, TFTV

Outstanding Feedback

Norman Yeo, Language and Linguistic Science — “Thanks to his detailed, thought provoking, and encouraging feedback, I did manage to improve my grade for the final summative piece.”

Highly Commended: George Younge, English
Shortlisted: Katie Giles, Archaeology and Mark Egan, Management

Promoting Equality & Diversity

Mariana Lopez, TFTV — “Always plans exciting and interesting events for all kinds of students, teachers, parents and staff members. ”

Highly Commended: Jon McGovern, English

Supervisor of the Year

Marika Kullberg, Biology & HYMS — “She is very approachable, generous with her time and I feel I could speak to her about any problem, big or small.”

Highly Commended: Sally Hancock, Education
Shortlisted: David Graham, Health Sciences and Jess Wardman, Management

Supporting Accessibility

Richard Waites, Biology — “Richard is forward thinking and is actively pro lecture capture and encourages staff to use the capture technology to draw their diagrams rather than using the whiteboard.”

Highly Commended: Claire Shanks, Disability Services
Shortlisted: James Browne, Disability Services

PhD Research Supervisor of the Year

Ian Bancroft, Biology — “Ian is such an inspiration and motivation for me. I always call him a Super Supervisor.”

Highly Commended: Vanita Sundaram, Education
Shortlisted: Claire Chambers, English and Richard Ogden, Language and Linguistic Science

Supporting the Student Voice

Paul Johnson, Sociology — “"Tea with the HoD" has had a really positive impact on students feeling a part of the departmental community and feeling comfortable expressing concerns.”

Highly Commended: Richard Waites, Biology
Shortlisted: Lauren Tomasello, YUSU and Shirley-Ann Rueschemeyer, Psychology

Unsung Hero of Non-academic Staff

Geoff Krause, Language and Linguistic Science — “They should consider changing his work title to Dad Away From Home. Ever since we arrived to York he has been welcoming and helpful, and his office door is always open."

Highly Commended: Steve Foster, TFTV
Shortlisted: Auriel Hamilton, Langwith College and Louise Prendergast, Law

Championing Careers

Matt Jones, Management — “In their first year, they smashed every record the Department had. No-one deserves this more than they do."

Highly Commended: Darren Goffin, Biology
Shortlisted: David Pitcher, Pschology and Jocelyn Parker, Management

Most Inspiring

Kenneth Clarke, English — “His seminars are wonderfully fulfilling and incredibly inspiring; I have never been so engaged before by a text and am learning to read in new ways I haven't encountered before.”

Highly Commended: Andrew Chadwick, Electronic Engineering
Shortlisted: Darren Goffin, Biology and Seishi Shimizu, Biochemistry

GTA of the Year

Mark Dowsett, Chemistry — “Mark manages to strike this perfect balance between being approachable, professional and informative when he is acting as a lab demonstrator.”

Highly Commended: Rowling Hu, Education
Shortlisted: Blair Apgar, History of Art and Jack Shepherd, Physics

Academic Officer's Award

Steve King, Computer Science — “Always there and always passionate about the student experience. Steve was a calming influence during diificult times and is a fierce advocate for students.”

Highly Commended: Adrian Lee, Academic Support Office