The Excellence Awards

The Excellence Awards present an opportunity for students to celebrate the work of staff across the University of York who have a positive impact on their academic experience. Entirely student led, the Awards recognise the teachers and staff that are making an outstanding contribution to students’ lives.

There are 11 categories this year that students can nominate staff members for at

Awards Timeline

  • Nominations Close - Friday 27th April

  • Shortlist Announced - Friday 11th May


The Excellence Showcase

Following on from the success of “What is Excellence?” last year, we will be holding a Showcase in the morning of Friday 8th June. The Showcase is open to all  and the sessions will highlight achievements of Academic Reps, discuss  ideas and share experiences. Sessions include:

  • What academic representation looks like in different departments

  • Academic Rep and staff collaboration

  • The Combined Programmes student experience

  • Creating a stronger Course Rep community

  • Student Committees and chairing a SSF

Registration will open in Summer Term. If you are interested in finding out more about the showcase please email

2017 Winners

Teacher of the Year

Claire Metcalfe, Health Sciences — “She is a credit to the department and I don’t think I’d get through my degree without her.”

Highly Commended: Paul Pryor, Biology
Shortlisted: Angela O'Flaherty, Language & Linguistic Science & Tom Cantrell, TFTV

Most Innovative Teaching

Gareth Evans, Biology — “Always entertaining and interesting lectures, pioneering new ways of teaching modules to fully use new facilities available in the department.”

Highly Commended: Phil Lightfoot, Physics
Shortlisted: Jason Edwards, History of Art & Jonathan Brockbank, English

Supervisor of the Year

Jessica Powell, Health Sciences — “After taking a leave of absence and coming back to join this new academic year and having her as my supervisor has made a huge difference to my time at University.”

Highly Commended: Alex Reid, Psychology
Shortlisted: Gareth Evans, Biology & Poppy Nash, Education

Most Inspiring

Peter Thompson, Pyschology — “He has made incredible breakthroughs in his research and has gained a greatly respected name in his field, yet stays so grounded and treats his students as equals.”

Highly Commended: Angela O'Flaherty, Language and Linguistic Science
Shortlisted: Sinéad McCotter, Management & Steve Roskam, Archaeology

PhD Research Supervisor of the Year

Jason Edwards, History of Art — “He has encouraged me to push boundaries and to explore areas in my work that I would never have been aware of or bold enough to push on my own, and I believe that my work is substantially better for it.”

Highly Commended: Ann Kaloski-Naylor, Centre for Women's Studies
Shortlisted: Matthew Campbell, English & Ruth Penfold-Mounce, Sociology

Supporting the Student Voice

Richard Waites, Biology — “I think the department would be at a loss without him. He allows student representation to really make a difference.”

Highly Commended: Cathy Dantec, Language and Linguistic Science
Shortlisted: Aine Sheil, Music & Kimi Smith, YUSU

PGWT of the Year

Jennifer McCaffery, Education — “It’s one thing teaching someone how to pass an exam, but I feel Jenny helped me truly understand Research Methods.”

Highly Commended: Annabell Zander, Archeology
Shortlisted: Jed Meers, Law & Kirstie Wailes-Newson, Psychology

Outstanding Feedback

Sam Hellmuth, Language and Linguistics — “We did a formative assessment every other week, and for each one she gave lengthy feedback as if it were a summative assessment, for each person. Her feedback is how feedback should be done!

Highly Commended: Katie Smith, Biology
Shortlisted: Claire Bensom, History & David Torgerson, Health Sciences

Demonstrator of the Year

Ben Coulson, Chemistry — “He is always cheerful and ready to help if you need it, but will always get you to think of a way to sort out a problem yourself instead of just telling you the answer.”

Highly Commended: Roberto del Pino, TFTV
Shortlisted: Adam Pinder, Chemistry & Conny Rhode, Philosophy

Unsung Hero of Non-academic Staff

Auriel Hamilton, SPS — “She is the reason our little school runs as well as it does, and it’s difficult to see how it could function without her.”

Highly Commended: Ali Thompson, Natural Sciences
Shortlisted: Claire McNamara, Archeology & Julia Walton, Chemistry

Promoting Liberation & Inclusivity

Sanjoy Bhattacharya, History — “His seminar on the AIDs epidemic of the 1980s was so sensitively and beautifully done, filled with conviction for LGBT communities and engaging with new and liberated literature that put marginalised communities at their heart.”

Highly Commended: Matt Campbell, English
Shortlisted: Mike Britland, James Colege & Charotte Rowley, Archaeology

Departmental Award for Feedback

Department of Music

Departmental Award for Promoting Employability

Department of Management

Departmental Award for Teaching

Department of Biology

Academic Officer's Award

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