Here at YUSU we aim to make sure that the opportunities we offer our students benefit their personal and professional development, and support them to become more employable. Our YUSU Develops offer encompasses a broad range of training and self-reflection opportunities for students to enahnce thier competencies and begin to translate their strengths into an articulation of employability.

Through our range of activities, part-time jobs, and volunteering opportunities, students can gain invaluable skills ranging from leadership and financial management to fundraising and graphic design. YUSU also provides a range of additional training that students can engage with to make sure that they are making the most out their time at York.

Below are some of the ways that YUSU supports students in developing their employability.


Gain Skills and Experience

YUSU offers a broad range of opportunities for students to get involved in. Some students get involved because they are passionate about the activity, and others do it to meet new people. We also know that students sometimes look for extracurricular activities that will improve their employability. Below are just a couple of examples of what you can get involved in here at YUSU:

  • If you are interested in developing leadership and management skills, why not look at joining one of our societies. All our societies have committee positions which range from Chairs, Treasurers and Secretaries to Events Officers and Media Officers.

  • If you are interested in enhancing your ability to work with groups of people and better understand the needs of the wider community, we have a range of volunteering projects that you can get involved with;

  • If you want to develop your understanding of technology and digital communications, YUSU has 10 media groups that you may want to get involved with;

  • If you want the opportunity to develop your representation and negotiation abilities, have a look at getting involved in our vibrant and active academic representation network.



We also offer a number of training opportunities for students. Please see below for the list of training opportunities that are taking place this term for our students: 

  • Part Time Officers (2018-2019) Induction Training - Saturday Week 1 (21st April)
  • Life Lessons: Public Speaking - Monday Week 2 (23rd April)
  • Society Presidents' Conference - Friday Week 7 (1st June).
  • Sport Leaders Conference - Tuesday Week 8 (5th June)
  • Head STYC Training - Monday Week 9 (11th June)

Health and Safety Training - upon request

Currently we are able to facilitate a variety of First Aid and Safety related courses. Dates are arranged on request and trainer availability. If you are interested in any of the listed courses please contact reception@yusu.org

First Aid

  • 1 Day Emergency First Aid
  • 3 day First aid at work
  • Pediatric First aid
  • Basic Life Support Skills

Safety Courses

  • Ladder Training
  • PAT Tester Training
  • Chemical Safety Training

If there are any other courses that are not listed but you feel would be worthwhile we can explore the options of delivering them.

York Strengths Development Days - Summer Term 2018

First year students will have been invited to a York Strengths Development Day in their academic calendar. The York Strengths Development Day, ran by the Careers service, is a great opportunity to help you understand more about your personal strengths and how you can use them to help you take steps to knowing what kind of career you'll want in the future. 

The day is full of fast moving games and activities to help measure your strengths, and at the end of it you will receive one-to-one feedback from a trained professional.

If you haven't confirmed your attendance already, do so by responding to the invitation you will have received from your Head of Department.

To learn more about York Strengths, check out the following videos :

Here’s a video the Sabbatical Officers have made discussing the event

Here’s a video of what to expect on the day

To know what students think who have already participated in the day, click here.


The York Award

All of the opportunities that YUSU offers students support their employability prospects. It is therefore important that students gain recognition for the strengths they have developed and have the chance to articulate what they particularly excel at.

The York Award is run by the Careers Department at the University and is an excellent way to gain accredited recognition for the work you have done and the skills you have developed whilst being at University. It identifies students who have not only shown exceptional academic performance, but also students who have been actively involved in extracurricular activities. It is split into three stages that you can apply for throughout your time at University:

  • York Award

  • York Award Gold

  • York Award Leaders

For more details on the York Award, and how to apply, please follow this link.


York Profiles and Mentors - Career Advice and Guidance from York Alumni

York Profiles and Mentors is all about letting you see where other York students have gone after graduating. Search for students by subject, country and industry, ask alumni questions about how they got where they are now and maybe even find yourself a mentor to guide and coach you through your own search for internships and jobs! You can find more info here.


YuStart - Flexible Funding for your Project

YuStart is a crowdfunding site with a difference, managed by the University of York’s Office of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni (OPPA). You can use it to raise money for a whole host of projects to help you with your employability, with start-to-end guidance on your project to boost your chances of success. From sports equipment to volunteering placements abroad, there's very little we won't help you fund, so head to the website and get funding!


Looking for Part-Time Work?

Are you a student who is looking for part-time work alongside your studies?

Over the year, YUSU recruits a number of student staff in both the charity and commercial sides of the organisation. During your time working for us, we provide training and support to ensure that you develop your professional skills and much as possible.

If you are interested in working for your Students’ Union and helping shape the student experience for your peers, take a look at our jobs page for any current vacancies.



If you have any questions about the training YUSU offers,the organisation’s work on employability, or which activities might benefit your development, please get in touch with our Student Training Development Coordinator on c.briggs@yusu.org.