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YUsnow is the largest sporting and social club at the university. We welcome anyone from complete novices to expert racers and freestylers. We offer a range of activities to suit each style and level of ability, running regular trips to the Xscape snowdome in Castleford for lessons, recreational and novice freestyle sessions, race training and advanced freestyle sessions as well as dry slope training at Rossendale ski centre. Our Ski and Snowboard Race teams are among the best on the uni circuit! The race teams train every week, preparing for the various regional and national competitive events throughout the year. We also run regular social events throughout term time, well known for our legendary antics! As the largest club on campus it's a fantastic way to get to meet other people from across the Uni as well as make some of the best friends you could hope for. Finally, look out for our annual Easter holiday to the French Alps where we take 300+ students away. It's the biggest trip of the year and you don't want to miss out!

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f: YUsnow

t: YUsnow

s: yusnow69

i: yorkunisnow

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