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York Romanian Society

The York Romanian Society (YRS) embodies the representative organization for all Romanian nationals in York and the surrounding areas and for all individuals interested in the Romanian culture and customs living and working within the local area. The YRS also embodies one of the strongest Romanian student organizations in the United Kingdom.

The YRS represents a promoter of the Romanian culture within and outside the University of York campus. It fulfils this role by bringing together Romanian and non-Romanian students and staff of the University of York through a variety of events.

As a representative of students at the University of York, the YRS aims to play a constant role in helping its members gain transferable academic skills increasing their competitive advantage on the labour market within the United Kingdom and any other part of the world.

As a representative of the Romanian community in York and the surrounding areas, the YRS represents an active promoter of the creation of a self-support group for the benefit of this community in matters relating to consular support, legality on the UK labour market and inclusiveness within the local environment.

As the strongest Romanian student society in the United Kingdom, the YRS has as a primary objective the achievement of normative cohesion of all Romanian students in the UK.

The YRS is a founding member of the Association of Romanian International Student Societies in the United Kingdom (ARISS UK) and a full partner of the League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS).

The YRS is proud to have His Excellency, Dr Ion Jinga, the Ambassador of Romania to the Court of St James's, as is the Honorary President of the York Romanian Society 

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