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York Negotiation Society

We are here to train our members in the art of persuasion.

Using scenarios written by Harvard's Program on Negotiation, we run negotiation simulations with industry experts from York Law School, as well as our partners in law and accountancy firms. Our training is designed to let members use and develop transferable skills, like commercial awareness, communication and teamwork, in realistic situations from every walk of life.

Constructive feedback and reflection are key to our training methods. With these, we believe anybody can become a great negotiator, and so membership is open to all!

Weekly attendance can lead to representing York in competitions at varsity, inter-varsity and national levels. This starts off with the York Negotiation Competition 2017, which will be held on November 28th, 2017. Through competing, members will be eligible to take up some fantastic work experience opportunities with our partners.

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Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Our sessions are normally held on Wednesday evenings, with locations announced weekly in our newsletter. You can sign up to our newsletter on our website, at!

Committee info

Emily Brown - President

Emily is a final year Canadian senior status law student interested in pursuing a career in the environmental finance sector. Emily completed her previous Honours Law and Society degree with a minor in criminology in Canada, and chose to come to the UK for her LLB degree to gain invaluable international experience.

Emily aims to promote committee goals that reflect the interests of YNS members, to continue to build the society. Therefore, this year her vision is to expand the society's membership by emphasising the global quality of negotiation. Emily will engage more students from various academic fields by creating new training sessions and more competitions centered around different industries. Online competitions will present opportunities for students to engage first hand in the international negotiation presence.

Emily's ethos is transparency, respect for each other and for the YNS constitution. Emily believes that a respectful ethos creates a strong foundation for the society to make new connections with firms and companies and provide new, exciting opportunities to members.

Please contact Emily with any queries at or


Shayla Domin - Vice President

Shayla is a final year senior status law student from Canada. Shayla completed her first degree in Addictions Counselling and worked as a counsellor in Canada with individuals suffering from mental health and addictions. Through witnessing how the law can impact an individual’s life, Shayla chose to pursue a career in law. Shayla is interested in pursuing a career in real estate law after graduation.

Shayla has a keen interest in negotiation and the invaluable skills one can acquire through its challenges and results. Shayla recognises negotiation can be utilised in any professional or personal setting pertaining to law and non-law business. Through collaboration with the whole committee, Shayla will assist in expanding the society to law and non-law related studies and business to engage more students and professionals in negotiation. This will include more training sessions, competitions within the UK and North America as well as exciting new events.

Shayla encourages everyone to participate in the events the York Negotiation Society has planned and looks forward to working with everyone in the 2018/19 year.

Please contact Shayla with any queries at


Mehvish Ashraf - Treasurer

Mehvish is a third-year Law student with an interest in negotiation and philosophy.

As Treasurer for YNS, Mehvish looks forward to helping the society continue to grow. Over the course of the next academic year, it is her ambition for YNS to continue to develop its own image and spirit as a society, by hosting competitions and events made possible by our sponsors. Through managing a budget and careful oversight of finances, she believes that YNS can have its own distinguishable profile within the University of York and region of Yorkshire, when participating in major competitions.

Please contact Mehvish with any queries at


Maria Alexia Fragaki - Secretary

Maria Alexia is a second year law student interested in pursuing a commercial law career.

Maria Alexia looks forward to contributing to the expansion of the negotiation society by being the backbone to the Committees organisation. She will keep all the files and emails organised and easy to access while assisting members of YNS by answering their questions.

Maria Alexia wants members to know she is here to assist them as she looks forward to seeing the future of YNS.

Please contact Maria Alexia with any queries at


Liam Middleton - Director of Communications

Liam is a second-year law LLB (hons) student at the University of York, aiming to work in commercial law. Liam possess a particular interest in healthcare and employment and hopes to work in these areas in the near future.

York Law School has greatly improved his capabilities in negotiation, which is a skill that Liam will continue to use in both his career and wider life. Liam will communicate the importance of negotiation and what people can learn by joining our society.

Please contact Liam with any queries at


Theodora-Iris Rodanou - Director of Competitions

Iris is a student at the University of York studying in her second year of law. Iris believes her determination, knowledge, and passion for negotiation are powerful qualities to bring to the society this year.

Iris is keen to organise more internal and external competition. In the 2018/19 academic year she will be heading almost double the competitions than last years penultimate year. Iris will work with the Director of Communication to reach new members, and increase collaboration with the Director of Training to choose more diverse scenarios to equip negotiators with more skills. Through the use of different scenarios she hopes to foster increasingly interesting competitions, which is just one new idea that can benefit our society.

On behalf of our entire committee we would like to encourage you to apply to as many of our negotiation competitions this year as you can! They will not be without excitement and reward!

Please contact Iris with any queries at


Simon Kuan - Officer of Competitions

Simon is a senior status law student, who previously completed an honours degree in International Relations at Western University in Canada. Currently, he is in his second, and final year of study here at York studying Law.

As the incoming Officer of Competition, he is determined to utilise his knowledge and experiences over the next academic year in creating engaging and beneficial competitions for our members.

Furthermore, he is excited to collaborate with the YNS team, as well as our sponsors to make the Negotiation Society more successful!


Ikhlaq Shafiq - Officer of Competitions

Ikki is in his second year of his Law degree.

Ikki spent a gap-year working at an international law firm prior to coming to university, he quickly understood the importance of being able to negotiation effectively. As one of the Officers of Competition, his aim is to ensure that the negotiation scenarios are both informative and engaging whicly mimicking real-life scenarios. He is also determined to ensure all members are provided with clear and constructive feedback on their performances, giving them the tools to improve and develop their negotiation skills and become effective and confident negotiators.


Nadine paspati - Director of Training

Nadine is in the second year of her Law Degree.

Nadine must work with both the committee, particularly with the Officer of Training and society members, to ensure negotiators receive high-quality training in a short period of time to be sufficiently prepared for the intellectually rigorous competitions. This will be achieved through workshops and cooperation with external speakers. Nadine believes the pressure of her role will be rewarded by the future enjoyment and success of our societies negotiations.

Please keep an eye on the ‘York Negotiation Society’ Facebook page for upcoming training sessions that will begin in the Fall Term 2018.

Nadine can be contacted at


Stavros Paterakis - Officer of Training

Stavros is a second-year international law student with a great interest in commercial law and contentious negotiations.

Stavros wishes to assist the Committee in their efforts to attract new sponsors, increase the number of negotiation competitions, and host new exciting workshops in collaboration with speakers from different industries. He aspires to utilize his experience in both positional and principled negotiation to improve the quality of training workshops offered by the York Negotiation Society.


Kristians Butins - Ordinary Officer

Kristians is a Third-year Law student.

This year he looks forward to collaborating with all York Negotiation Society Committee members to deliver the best quality training and attract as many new members as possible to boost their employability by positively impacting their negotiation skills.


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