York Negotiation Society

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We are here to train our members in the art of persuasion.

Using scenarios written by Harvard's Program on Negotiation, we run negotiation simulations with industry experts from York Law School, as well as our partners in law and accountancy firms. Our training is designed to let members use and develop transferable skills, like commercial awareness, communication and teamwork, in realistic situations from every walk of life.

Constructive feedback and reflection are key to our training methods. With these, we believe anybody can become a great negotiator, and so membership is open to all!

Weekly attendance can lead to representing York in competitions at varsity, inter-varsity and national levels. This starts off with the York Negotiation Competition 2017, which will be held on November 28th, 2017. Through competing, members will be eligible to take up some fantastic work experience opportunities with our partners.

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Our sessions are normally held on Tuesdays, with locations announced weekly in our newsletter. You can sign up to our newsletter on our website, at yorknegotiationsociety.com!

Committee info

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Adam is going into the second year of his LLB at York Law School, and is pursuing a career in commercial law. Prior to his studies he had a successful career in hospitality.

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Veroniki is a Philosophy graduate from the University of Nottingham and is currently a second-year undergraduate Law student. Passionate for commercial law, human rights, and criminal law, she has well-developed analytical and critical thinking skills. Veroniki has experience in business consulting, marketing, law, and teaching both in the UK and abroad.

She can be contacted at vm666@york.ac.uk.


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Gertruda is going into the third year of her LLB with an adamant interest in commercial law.

She can be contacted at gn606@york.ac.uk.

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Agnieszka is going into the third year of her LLB with an adamant interest in commercial law.

She can be contacted at amg560@york.ac.uk.

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Matthias is a second-year Senior Status Law Student who completed his first degree in Human Rights at Malmö University, Sweden. Over the last years, he gained human rights-related work experience with NGOs as well as state-funded institutions. For example, prior to coming to York, Matthias worked in a home for asylum seekers and refugees in Malmö. These experiences motivated him to pursue a legal career, in order to contribute to the field of human rights as a legal professional. Therefore, Matthias aims to secure a training contract with a firm specializing in civil and human rights and to qualify as a solicitor. Having lived in several countries, including South Africa and Israel/Palestine, Matthias also developed a passion for languages. Besides his law studies, he is currently studying Arabic with the LFA Department at York.

He can be contacted at mf980@york.ac.uk.

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Jack is your Treasurer. His job is to ensure that the society's finances are in order and that we do not go broke! He is also in charge of gaining sponsorship from various companies to support YNS.

He is a second year Law student and a member of Goodricke College. He enjoys playing pool and snooker as well as the occasional night at Salvo's.

If you have any questions please drop him an email on jm2001@york.ac.uk.

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Muhammad is a second year PPE undergraduate and is involved in a wide range of society activities on campus. He enjoys debating current affairs and his pastimes include playing badminton and the harmonium, a classical instrument. Muhammad’s involvement with YNS came about due to his desire to cultivate necessary and desirable skills for the workplace. He enjoys negotiation, the challenges involved and the inherent bargaining and persuasion needed to bring about a successful result. 

He can be contacted at mha520@york.ac.uk.

Joining student groups will be available again from September 2018.