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York Juba- Anthology

We are a society that is in collaboration between students in the University of York and the University of Juba to promote, edit and publish pieces of literature in an anthology. It was created following South Sudan's independence in 2011. After suffering repeated civil wars, particularly between 1983 and 2005, as well as the lack of a positive creative outlet that our first editor felt after visiting the country. She built a team in York working closely with staff and students at the University of Juba where they are able to reflect on their personal experiences of South Sudan's independence, and for students in York to explore their talents and capabilities.

Getting involved with the York-Juba Anthology Society will give you a chance to participate in a unique creative writing process, where we are building bridges on a global scale. Not only will this be a fun, exciting process to be a part of, contributing to the society will be a very good addition to your CV. If you are interested in creative writing, publishing, editing, or design contact us on our facebook page. 

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f: YorkJubaAnthology

t: YorkJuba

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Wednesdays 5.30pm at D-Bar

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Feel free to send a message to our FB page: if you have any more questions about how to get involved/submit!

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