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World Mythology and Folklore Society

World Mythology and Folklore Society (WorldMythSoc) unites people with a passion for myths and tales of different cultures. A lot of interesting mythologies are underrepresented by the media, and we are here to fix this!

Join us for a variety of events to learn more about different cultures’ mythologies and customs and share your favorite stories of gods and fantastical creatures in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

We provide an opportunity to make friends with like-minded people and get an eye-opening insight on many aspects of different cultures during regular tea/coffee afternoons, movie nights and quiz nights as well as informative lectures and fun socials in collaboration with other societies.

(And all of this for just £4 a year!)

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f: wmythsoc

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Liza Shavandina


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President: Liza Shavandina (

Secretary: Uliana Shvetsova (

Treasurer: Laura Berga (

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