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Women Break Barriers Society

WBBS is a newly founded and ratified society (2018) and we look forward to holding inspiring and accessible events for students. 

The Society was originally founded to provide inspiring events for students that are accessible around campus. We recognize that each student faces unique challenges both during school and their career. We hope that by having these events featuring guest speakers students will feel inspired and motivated to take any challenges they may face head on and with stride. 

We encourage students of all departments to contact us if they have any requests or interest in particular guest speakers or fields of academics. You can contact us by emailing:, or through our social media channels. 

Contact Info:

To contact us you can email us at:

Follow our social media channels:

Twitter: wbbsyork

IG: wbbsyork

Facebook: University of York Women Breaking Barriers Society


If you other concerns, questions or are interested in co-hosting an event you can email Cassandra, the founder and acting president at WBBS:

Committee info

President: Cassandra Travis-Bobey

Vice-President: Molly McPherson 

Secretary: Amy Hanna

Treasurer: Hanna Bryszewska

Event Planning: Ambre Williams

Event Planning: Beth Brayshaw

Event Planning: Molly O'Niell

Social Media: Paraskevi Tzouda

You can join this student group by buying one of the memberships below:

Annual Membership - £4.00

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