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Wildlife Society

We're a student society dedicated to admiring (and helping others to admire) the natural world! Whether you are interested in trees, wildflowers, fungi, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish - you name it - you're welcome to come and share your knowledge (or learn a little bit) here at WildSoc!

Our main events include:

  • Documentary evening - we all huddle around a big screen and admire the wonder that is David Attenborough (feel free to bring pillows and blankets to make it extra cosy!) And when Springwatch/Autumnwatch/Winterwatch is on, you can be sure we'll be on campus watching!
  • Debates - We'll be discussing environmental issues dear to our members' hearts. Each week, members will be invited (it is totally voluntary) to do a short presentation on an environmental subject/concern of their choice, which everyone will then discuss.
  • Wildlife on Campus tours - The University of York campus is just too full of wildlife to miss out on this opportunity! With Hes East being a nature reserve, we must take advantage of it. These tours will be open to the public, too.
  • Trips to Nature Reserves (pending) - Because what is a love of wildlife when you can't actually get out into it?

So come along, and learn to love your world!

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t: WildlifeY

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Meeting Days, Times and Venue

For now, check our Facebook page for any upcoming meetings and events.

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