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Firstly, our sport is called VX. Essentially it’s a mixture of lacrosse and dodge ball where players use a VstiX (like a double ended lacrosse stick) to launch low pressure tennis balls at opposing players for points. Hitting an opponent with the ball gets points, missing doesn’t. Quite simple. It sounds painful but trust us, its not as bad as it sounds. Its a non-contact sport where men and women compete on a level playing field either on mixed teams or against each other. We train in two formats V2, which is 1V1 in a squash court, and V10 which is 5v5 in a sports hall. There is more than one ball in play so it is fast and fun.

Our club has only been around for about 3 years and our main focus is differentiation within training. We focus on making sure everyone feels welcome, comfortable playing and enjoying our social atmosphere.

We welcome everyone into our club at any point in the year, whether you just want to play for fun or play competitively we will accommodate your needs. Our clubs coaching and training is managed by the 2014 V2 Senior World Champion, making sure our sessions are structured and fun.

For more information don't hesitate to contact us or visit our website.

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w: http://www.yorkvx.com/

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Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Mid-Week Sessions

Day: Thursday

Time: 7:20pm - 9:20pm

Location: York Sports Centre, Squash Courts 3&4

Weekend Sessions

Day: Sunday

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Location: York Sport Centre, Squash Courts 3&4

AU Fee Required

This club is a Black tier sports club.

You must have already purchased a Black tier membership. If you have a Gold tier membership you can upgrade to a Black.

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The club has the following memberships available online.

Annual Membership - £10.00

Basic membership giving access to all core training sessions and allows opportunities to represent the university in VX.

Membership expires: 2018-07-31

Students can join up online by using the link below. You must be logged in using your university account.

Staff/Guests should registered an account then email itcoordinator@yusu.org to verify their account.

You must also have paid the appropriate AU Fee membership to join.


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