Video Gaming and LAN Society (FragSoc)

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We host 2-3 LAN events per term for members to bring their PCs and consoles to play casual and/or competitive games together. 

Socials on and off campus are organised throughout the year which include but are not limited to bowling, quiz nights, pizza socials and laser tag!

Online gaming nights in-between LAN events.

We participate in inter-university and nationwide tournaments and also War of the Roses between the Universities of York and Lancaster. 

More Info:

f: Fragsoc

t: Fragsoc


Contact Info:

Daniel Meilak - Chair

Stephanie Yeap - Secretary

Chris Williams - Treasurer

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Meeting Days, Times and Venue

LAN events are held on the weekends of week 2, 5 and 8 in the Physics Exhibition Center on Heslington West or the Law and Management Building on Heslington East. 

Week 2 and 8 events run from Saturday through to Sunday evening. Week 5 events are usually held over three days, from Friday night through to Sunday evening. 

Intermittent social events (off and on campus) and online gaming nights are run throughout the year. 

Joining student groups will be available again from September 2018.