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Vanbrugh College Junior Common Room

Vanbrugh College is one of the original colleges on the Heslington West campus, and went on to  celebrate its 50th year anniversary in 2018. Vanbrugh college is known to be an exciting place to be, significantly due to its location at the entrance to the university. However, this is not the only reason… Vanbrugh is known for the opportunity and enthusiasm it provides in extra-curricular activities, such as music and sport. Our college house, ‘The Warren’ also hosts regular events from board game nights to an acoustic jam! Vanbrugh is fortunate enough to have our bar, ‘Vanbrugh Arms’, also hosting exciting weekly events such as Vanbrugh Jazz.

Our Freshers’ Week

Vanbrugh College Freshers Week 2018 is set to be a week full of unforgettable events, and an amazing way to begin your journey at York. Ranging from club nights (on and off campus), to pub quizzes, to jazz nights and so much more! We have something to offer for everyone!

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Contact Info:

Chair - Christina Matjila -

Committee info

The JCRA College Committee represents all students in Vanbrugh College. We are elected by students to look after your interests though events, wellbeing, societies and representation. The key events organised each year by the committee include Freshers Week and the Winter Ball. However, the Vanbrugh JCRC also continues to successfully achieve victories such as being the only college to offer free sport.


Christina Matjilla - The Chair

Rebecca Watson -  The Secretary

Grace Hailes- The Treasurer

Olivia Wrigley- Vice-Chair for Wellbeing

Oliver Cutherbert- Vice-Chair for Communications

Jay Dyer- Vice-Chair for Events

Lydia Chitham- Vice-Chair for Unions and Societies

The rest of the committee are as follows:

Merchandise Rep - Emily Beardshaw, Oakley Lowe

Sales Rep - Ellie Smith

Discount and Sponsorship Rep - Joshua Francis, Dion Alexander-Connell

Eric Milner Court Rep - Alice Hewson, Lydia Baldwin

Donald Barron & Barbra Scott Rep - Georgia Bevan, Isabella Townsend

Le Page Court Rep - Heather Robinson

Fairfax House Rep - Filippos Apostolos Karakonstantinos

Male Sport Rep - San Felipes

Female Sport Rep - Charlotte Rhule

Environment and Ethics Rep - Flavio Sansa

Male Wellbeing Rep - Joe Williscroft

Female Wellbeing Rep - Willow Bowen

Overseas Wellbeing Rep - Soham Nayak

Mature Students' Rep - Gail Williams

Disabilities and Access Rep - Iggie Webster

BAME Rep - Adam Araim

LGBTQ Rep - Chloe Angwin

Off-Campus Rep - Charlie Cooling

RAG Rep - Kirsten Ritchie, Eva Kyriacou

Bar and Music Rep - Jack Clarkson, Ben Skyes

Events Rep - Sannay McGarry, Vaughn Gardner, Sasha Gill

Alumini Officer - Brady Carr

PR - James Morrison

Photography - Joe Willingscroft, Nafsika Hadjichristou

Additional info

Get Involved

-RAG: Vanbrugh College’s charity is called SASH, and they do amazing work to help prevent youth homelessness. Vanbrugh’s RAG reps for 2018 are Eva Kyriacou and Kirsten Ritchie, and they are in close contact with the charity and help to coordinate the overlap between the students and volunteering opportunities.

This year especially, we have worked hard to increase awareness of Vanbrugh’s chosen charity, and we have included fundraising opportunities within every Vanbrugh college event, and at weekly merchandise sales.

SASH are always looking for volunteers, especially with their fundraising events such as their annual sleepout. The RAG reps also work closely with SASH to organise their own sleepout to fundraise within the university, which will take place in Autumn term this year.

There are many different ways to get involved with SASH, whether it’s by donating, fundraising or volunteering. By getting in touch with the RAG reps you can find out what events are on, how you can help and they can put you in touch with our SASH contact directly. They always welcome a chat with Vanbrugh students!

-Sport: One of the most exciting aspects of being a Vanbrugh student is FREE COLLEGE SPORT! Vanbrugh is the only college to offer all college sports completely free of charge and open to all. At Vanbrugh, it doesn’t matter whether you go to training sessions once a week or once a term, it doesn’t matter when you decide to join, whether you want to play competitively or not, or what level you play at - there are countless opportunities for everyone to get involved with sport.

The sports reps for 2018 are Charlotte Rhule and Samuel Felipes, and they have regular meetings with the captains to find out how the teams are doing and facilitate a good flow of communication between the college and sports teams.

Vanbrugh’s sport teams are very successful, and there are many different sports to choose from, including rugby, hockey, football, netball, squash, darts and more!