Vanbrugh College Junior Common Room

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Vanbrugh College is quietly simply the best college at York. Bit blunt I know, but it needs to be said.


But why?  Well for starters, physically we are the Central College, surrounding the Hes West Lake and containing many of York’s biggest Departments.– Vanbrugh is a melee of new and old so there is something for everyone.

When it comes to sport, Vanbrugh is one of the best and most inclusive, boasting completely free sport and the equipment to get you started. Our teams compete in the college leagues, tournaments and have recently qualified to compete in Roses against Lancaster. For Music, perhaps Vanbrugh shines the most against the other colleges. We have  music facilities open to all students which support choirs, bands and music creators, with a fully equipped garage-band rehearsal space,  and a recording studio. Then on top of all this we at Vanbrugh pride ourselves on our College Bar and our unique events that it provides, notably Jazz Night and Pre @ V.

So check us out and please find out more throughout our website and social media.