University of York Magic Society (MagicSoc)

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A society for anyone who is interested in learning magic tricks. We cater for any ability whether beginner or expert and teach a broad range of tricks from card magic to hypnotism. We create a positive environment where we don't just teach how to do the tricks but how to perform them. We have many opportunities for those who wish to perform. We also have an extensive magic library and regularly get guest speakers to come and lecture.

We are hoping in the coming year to arrange some trips to magic conventions and to get event more involved in other events on campus giving even greater scope for a chance to perform for the public.

More Info:

f: MagicSoc

t: UoYMagicSoc

i: yorkmagicsoc

Contact Info:

Sam Daly


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

We meet once a week in the physics building. The meeting time is 8.00pm on a Tuesday. 

Committee info

Chair - Toby Walker

Secretary - Sam Daly

Treasurer - Emma-Louise Downe

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