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University of York Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems are working to keep the UK open, tolerant, and united. We seek to keep Britain in the single market, worth billions to our economy, make the compassionate case for helping refugees, and fight the illiberal intrusive state by opposing the Snooper's Charter and the Psychoactive Substances Act. We're proud of our record in government where we established a £2.5 billion pupil premium, introduced same-sex marriage, and gave an income tax cut to millions of low and middle earners. As the UK has increasingly turned to the illiberal extremes we need people willing to fight for liberalism now more than ever.

The society runs many social events, including film nights, Policy Pitch, Liber-ale, and our hallmark Spirited Discussions debating event. We've ran campaigns on campus supporting things like the Living Wage and the EU, often working cross-party. We also campaign locally, in action days across the country, and by running phone banks during major by-elections to get Liberals elected.

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Joining student groups will be available again from September 2018.