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University of York Body Positivity Society (BoPo Soc)

In this day and age we focus so much on body image and looking a certain way, and trying to create that through fad diets/exercise regimes that our generation is feeling the pressure. We believe every body is different and beautiful, and whilst we fully support a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, there ain't no way we're saying no to going out to brew&brownie for pancakes or getting those chippy's and cheap bevvies at courtyard due to being worried about our waistline, and we think nobody should! 
Our bodies let us laugh, play, eat, sleep and so much more so we should stop giving them so much hate trying to change and shape them, but give 'em some love instead! 
We will be having lots of chilled socials such as movie nights and bar crawls, plus some bopo speakers in to help us all get on the road to embracing our bodies!

It's a completely free society to join and we can't wait for you to be involved! Get on that body positivity bandwagon already!
Love Becky, James, Georgia and Lauren x
#rollsarentjustforcinnamon #selflove #bodypositivity

Contact Info:

Drop us an email anytime at or message us via facebook to be added to our mailing list!


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Next meeting is in courtyard Wednesday week 10 (14th March 2018) at 11am! See you there! 

Committee info

President - Becky Harris 

Vice President - James Whittaker 

Secretary - Georgia Murphy

Treasurer - Lauren Wright

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