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United Nations Association (UNA)

UNA York not only educates students about pertinent international social and political issues, but also provides the opportunity to develop skills such as public speaking and negotiation. From inviting guest speakers, to participating in campaigns and running weekly Model United Nations (MUN) training sessions, we help students develop into global citizens. At training, we simulate various UN committees and analyse international issues from a variety of cultural perspectives. This prepares members to take part in a number of MUN conferences around Europe. Last year we sent over 100 members to 11 conferences, both large and small, including Oxford, Cambridge, London and Paris.

We invite everyone to come along to training regardless of their experience, nationality, or degree. For many, MUN is the first time they have ever participated in any form of public speaking, so if you've never done anything like this before, don't worry! Equally, experienced members are offered opportunities to hone their skills and to take on leadership positions not only at York, but also at Europe’s most prestigious conferences. The UNA Committee hopes to see you there!

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Harry Ian Michael Clay


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Wednesdays, 6:30pm, SLB/118


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