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The Norman Rea Gallery

The Norman Rea Gallery is a student-run gallery based in the University of York presenting exhibitions throughout the academic year. 

The space exhibits international and national artists and produces shows tackling and challenging important issues in modern society and across a broader art history reference. 

The gallery engages with the art community in the north, collaborating with students from other universities including Leeds Arts University and The University of Edinburgh.

The gallery has become a vital part of York University life, we welcome all students from all courses and ages to become members of this gallery and society. 

Once a member, students can get involved with exhibitions, assisting projects and curating shows.

Being part of the NRG member community you will meet like-minded people who are interested in the display of art, film, photography and more!

Membership presents social opportunities including gallery visits, social events and workshops. 

Contact Info:

To become a member please get in contact by emailing:



Committee info

Committee Info:

Director: Grace Frazer

Vice-Director: Jessica Jenkinson

Treasurer: Sophie Austin 

Press & Publicity: Pearlin Guillon

Head of Graphics: Sophie Sharpe

Graphics Assistant: Imogen Squire

Head of Blog: Matilda Bentley 

You can join this student group by buying one of the memberships below:

Annual Membership - £5.00

Annual Membership