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Elimination of Domestic Abuse (EDA)

Eliminating Domestic Abuse Youth Council (EDAYC) is a UoY society aiming to raise awareness of domestic abuse and the the issues surrounding it. We are keen to have new members join us and get involved in our efforts to help promote conversation and action against such a prominent and sensitive issue. Together we can help eliminate domestic abuse. 

For more information please email the address below, or follow our facebook/ twitter pages to keep up to date with our events, meetings and discussions. 

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Twitter: @AbuseYork

Committee info

President - Rebecca Wright

Secretary - Jessica Gracie

Treasurer - Emily Butler

Vice-President - Harleen Sidhu

Events Officer - Sophie Moriarty

Outreach Officers - Yoyo Pun

Social Media Officer - Megan Hitchin

Additional info

Please drop us an email to be added to our mailing list! 

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