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We teach Swing Dance including Lindy Hop, Charleston, and general prancing about to swing music.

Lindy Hop is a partner dance which came over from America in the 1930s/40s and is the predecessor of rock and roll dancing. It's fun, energetic and bouncy. Before Lindy Hop, there was Charleston - this includes moves such as the "Scarecrow" and "Pecks" - you'll just have to come and find out for yourselves. 

The classes will cover a number of different steps but you can take as much or as little from them as you want; it's open to complete beginners throughout the year. After a few classes you will realise Lindy Hop is all about having fun! There is no need to bring a partner (but friends are welcome), just remember flat shoes and comfy cloths! 

If you want to find out what Swing Dance Soceity is all about, check out our new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emuXCzN3V2g 

Contact Info:

Polina Zotova



Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Wednesdays, 8pm, Hendrix Hall (D/L/028)

Students can join up online by using the link below. You must be logged in using your university account.

Staff/Guests should registered an account then email itcoordinator@yusu.org to verify their account.


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