University of York Students' Union (YUSU)

Swimming & Water Polo

The Swimming and Water Polo Club provides the opportunity to engage in both sports on a casual or competitive basis. We pride ourselves on catering for all standards of swimmers: from those who haven't been in a pool in years to ones who've represented their country. Similarly, water polo offers a fun way to engage in team sport while still in the pool. We train most days at both the pool on campus and Archbishop Holgate's School in Badger Hill. We offer a variety of levels of coaching for both swimming and water polo. Please see our website or Facebook page for more details.

More Info:

f: uyswc

t: uyswc

i: uyswc


Contact Info:

Any questions or queries please contact us at

Committee info

President - Katherine Newton (

Vice President - Nisha Desai (

Treasurers - Annie Clark and Rachel Spooner (

Swimming Captains - Ellie Griffin and Peter Schlichter (

Water Polo Captains - Ellie Roche and Sam Timpany (

Social Secretaries - Becky Britten and Peter Dowsett (

Press & Publicity Officer - Jacob Mortlock Williams (

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