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The Sociology Society or 'SocSoc,' is an academic society for those studying the subject, related topics or for anyone interested in sharing their ideas, learning more about the subject and developing relationships with those, who have similar interests.

We have a wide range of activities planned so that we cater to what our members are interested in and so that everyone is more than satisfied, for example:

  • Regular socials, which will be bigger and better than ever before. Our new committee have so many ideas about how we can help our members build relationships with other students, make amazing memories and love their time at York as much as current members have so far.
  • Study sessions, where we can arrange either one-on-one or group study sessions with older undergraduates or those in your current year to help with preparation for exams, assignments and general understanding of readings etc.
  • Speaker events, where we invite academics, journalists and previous alumni to speak at the university on contemporary issues surrounding sociology and other social sciences.
  • Career events, where we are planning termly events to help improve your employability and to provide exposure to the broad range of career routes that Sociology students can follow. We would appreciate any suggestions to what type of careers our members would like to see at these type of events and any speakers that you believe would be highly beneficial for our members.

Our committee and members have all experienced our first year of university and so to Freshers, we would love for you to join so you have a support network of those interested in the same things as you, can offer advice and help when you are homesick. We are a very inclusive society, are always looking to rejuvinate our society and would love for you to get in touch if you have any questions and join our social media pages for regular updates!



More Info:

f: UoYSocSoc

i: uoysocsoc

Contact Info:

Sasha Tunney- President

Izzy Newton- Vice President

Sydney Dawson- Treasurer

Rose Cumber- Secretary

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Details coming soon, so watch this space and check our social media pages for regular updates!

Joining student groups will be available again from September 2018.