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Write Poetry? Perform Poetry? Appreciate Poetry? Hate the word Poetry? Clicked on the word Slam because you wanted to know what in the name of love this society does? Clicked on the word Slam because you thought this was going to be something to do with wrestling and are confused about all this poetry talk? If you have answered yes or no to any or all of these questions; this is the society for you.


Slam Society, known to its friends as SlamSoc (and you’re definitely friends if you’ve read this far) is the University of York’s official performance poetry society.


Join what is arguably the coolest collection of students on campus, as we run poetry workshops, in writing, performing and editing; Slams (competitive poetry- what’s not to love?) both within the society and inter-university; Group Trips to poetry events outside of the university; Open Mic Events; Chilled hangouts with likeminded people and so much more! We’ve even started up our own SlamSoc library where you can borrow the latest books from modern poets and all you have to do is become a member.


Even if poetry isn’t your jam; you don’t feel comfortable sharing your writing or performing ; you’ve never written a poem before in your life; this is the first time you’ve heard of performance poetry come along and just see what we’re up to. SlamSoc is for everyone! It’s a safe space and sometimes we even have free food!

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f: slamsoc

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Email us @

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Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Sometimes Every Other Thursday (Don't hold us to this, get a £0 membership to find out!)

Committee info

President: Ruth Awolola 

Secretary: Emily Pritchard 

Treasurer: Paul Kerr 

Workshop Coordinator: Yasmin Roe 

Social Media Officer: Olivia Cranmer-Gordon 

Production and Events Manager: Fortis Simmons

Ordinary Member: Isabelle Lepore & Amy Deighton

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