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UYSC aims to make skydiving as a sport accessible, primarily through making people aware that they can take it up as a regular thing to do! Skydiving is the highest adrenaline sport on offer here at York, and it's certainly not the kind of thing that you only want to do once! It is incredibly addictive and equally rewarding. We offer a fun and friendly club that will help any student interested in all facets of the sport, introducing students to the great and incredibly inclusive community of people all united by their love of skydiving. Each weekend we organise transport to the local dropzone, so members can become fully qualified skydivers in no time. From this point on, the sky is literally the limit! Many of our members compete in the British National Skydiving Championships each year. We also run an annual trip out to Skydive Spain; an amazing chance to jump in the sun, develop your skills further, and have an unforgettable week.

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Joe Lancaster
Katie Balmer
Rebecca Mitchell

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