Scandinavian Society

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A place were Scandinavians (including Finns and Icelanders) and people who are interested in our culture can get together, to socialise, make friends and learn something new about Northern Europe! Lots of fun and games and traditional past times!

Contact Info:

Jens Dahle-Granli - President

Sonja Orre - Secretary

Sara Schjødt Kjær - Treasurer

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

We aim to meet every fortnight, with a range of different activites, from nights out, to film nights, or our annual trip to IKEA. We also celebrate 17th May - Norway Day, which is the biggest Scandinavian Society Party of the year. We also get together for Finnish Independence Day in December, and of course, for EUROVISION.

Joining student groups will be available again from September 2018.