Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Raising and Giving

At YUSU RAG, we want to get as many students involved in fundraising as possible! We run one-off activities, annual events, treks and challenges - there is always something to get involved in!

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Committee info

RAG Officer Annie Bocock
RAG Officer Sam Meadows 
Secretary  Rebecca Wilcockson
Treasurer  Abigail Jarvis
Events Coordinator  Joel Beardmore
Events Coordinator Laura Jackson 
Events Coordinator Kathryn Sharpe
PR and Marketing Coordinator Eloise Rylance
Colleges Liaison Officer Will Wilson 
Student Groups Liaison Officer  Chris Oldnall 
International Challenges Coordinator  Anna McDowell
National Challenges Coordinator Michelle Osei
Social Events Coordinatior Billie Sharman 

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