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Psychology Society (Psychsoc)

This year, PsychSoc will be looking to organise regular social events, on and off-campus, including a freshers' event and a winter formal.

Events will give you the perfect opportunity to meet new people from the department, and quickly form friendships with your fellow coursemates, and those from other years!

We will play a key part in integrating first years into the department, holding an icebreaker session, and providing upper years as 'parents', whose primary role is to provide any assistance as necessary, especially in the first weeks of term. 

Another aim of the society is to improve the relationship between staff and students in the department.


Society benefits currently include:

  • Discounted entry to club nights on socials
  • Society Revs card for discounted food and drinks (including 50% off all food)
  • Free food on non-drinking socials
  • Cheaper entry to ticketed events
  • And much, much more...


PsychSoc is designed primarily for Psychology students, but also encourages students from any degree to join.

More Info:

f: psychsocyork

t: psychsocyork

Contact Info:

Yael Abo-Abo


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Socials will usually take place on Tuesday's or Thursday's, usually starting in James College.

You will find out more by checking our Facebook page!

You can join this student group by buying one of the memberships below:

Annual Membership - £4.00

Annual Membership