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Polo is a fun adrenaline-filled sport. We compete competitively at summer nationals and have matches throughout the year with against other northern universities. We train at Bramham Polo Academy,  which is a short drive from the university and have great socials through the term. There is no previous riding or polo experience required so if you feel like having a go and making some great friends, do get in contact and come along.

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Facebook:University of York Polo Club

Facebook Group: University Of York Polo

Twitter: University Of York Polo

Instgram:University Of York Polo

Committee info

President: Alice Derry 

Vice-President: Manon Cote

Treasurer: Estella Harrowing

Social Sec: Talia Burges

Lesson Coordinator: Ryosuke Amano

AU Fee Required

This club is a Gold tier sports club.

You must have already purchased at least a Gold tier membership. If you have a Black tier membership you can also join.

Gold Membership - £10.00

Black Tier Membership - £20.00

You can join this student group by buying one of the memberships below:

Social Annual Membership 18/19 - £35.00

Perfect for someone who wants to be involved with the club and it's socials but without the commitment of training for competition. This membership allows you to attend weekly lessons and socials for the entire year. Membership may be upgraded at any time.

Recreational Annual Membership - £45.00

Perfect for someone who wishes to take lessons, attend weekly socials and compete at our friendly termly tournaments. This lasts for the entire academic year, but membership can be upgraded at any time.

Competitive Annual Membership - £55.00

Perfect for someone who wants to be completely immersed within the club. This entitles you to attend weekly lessons, socials, termly tournaments, competition training, and our most exciting event of the year: Nationals.